Curiosity Quenched

Rating: 5.0

Sometimes while walking the golden path,
You come across a silver one.
Glistening in the moon light, you turn
Never realizing what you’ve done.

It isn’t that it is more beautiful
Than the one that you were on.
Only that you can not stifle the curiosity
Over the places you’ve never gone.

But soon the grey clouds swirl
Taking your moon light away
And you discover that the path you’re walking
Is not silver, but grey.

You try to stumble backwards but
It’s now too dark to see
And suddenly you can find your way everywhere
Except where you’re supposed to be.

It’s easy now to dwell on how
Naïve it was for you to stray
And to let the darkness you have wandered in
Darken each and every day.

Never noticing that there is a break
Of russet across the horizon,
Until the sun pierces your eyes
Making everything it touches golden.

But no matter that you won’t lift your eyes
You can still see your feet.
And you notice that it is not gray
On which your steady steps beat.

You see the glistening familiar path
Not grey but once again gold
You never changed your course
Yet you’re now warm instead of cold.

IT seems that for you to be happy
With the path of gold you were on
You first needed to experience what it was
Like for that road to be gone.

And though it only seemed a detour
That led you through the dark to the light,
You will always know what lies beneath
The silver that beckons you in the night.

Yinna Guisao 11 August 2009

this poem was beautiful and described perfectly

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Graham Russell 11 August 2009 captured just what it is like to become lost.

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