Coimbra * (Anno...) Poem by ONElia AVElar

Coimbra * (Anno...)

Rating: 3.0

Coimbra* (anno...)

Your lemon tree
hung with yellow fruit
in front of white house,
sun, shadows on the wall;
all is already in the
backyard of my memory.
There are no seasons
and the lemon tree
remains an evergreen
for me.

*Coimbra - nice place in Portugal

Donall Dempsey 07 April 2008

Beautifully pictured and could almost reach out and touch it..the backyard of memory is a startlingly beautiful phrase. All the perfection of a haiku without being a very well written and such a beautiful poem. Love it!

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Roger Cornish 12 April 2008

Fantastic imagery... Flora got there before me.... but: 'all is already in the backyard of my memory. There are no seasons' That moved me... those 3 simple lines say so much o.... Simply breathless poetry! I think I fell in love again Rx

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Ivan Donn Carswell 14 April 2008

Onelia, this line: '...backyard of my memory...' will have me returning to read you. It is incisive. Rgds, Ivan

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so beautiful.....thanks for sharing

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Original Unknown Girl 08 May 2008

I love Portugal and I can already picture the lemon trees and orange trees in their natural habitat. Sharp imagery here; -) HG xx

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IamNo body 24 May 2010

A sweet poem about a sour fruit :) Deeply nostalgic -reminds me of days in Cyprus

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Thomas Viruvelil 05 October 2008

You use imagery effectively in your poems and use less words to describe more

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Manonton Dalan 26 September 2008

just like home. very beautiful. thanks for

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Ashraful Musaddeq 08 September 2008

A short lovely poem with imagery in its core. Nice.

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Janice Windle 27 July 2008

Lovely image - it reminds me so much of the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy, where lemon and orange trees grow in gardens - simple but beautiful and true.

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