Dust Poem by ONElia AVElar


Rating: 3.1

In the curve of an eyelash, fallen;
in the dust of an empty room -
evidences of someone`s presence...

Why do you insist, you are alone?
It is proved: Most of the skin -
once shed becomes 'house dust'...

Hey, not a house ghost,
Nothing about sixth sense,
Well, call it nonsense, or ninth sense...or dust

resources: http: //wiki.answers.com/Q/Where_does_dust_come_from

C. P. Sharma 08 June 2008

Onelia, you are a mystical poet. All is dust if the heart doesn’t respond. On the eyes imprints numberless, On the dust the footprints impress; So long as the heart does not record, No sense can ever bliss afford.

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Flora Gillingham 09 June 2008

She stuffed his things into a box, closed her heart and changed the locks but in its tawdry dust there lay their hopes, her dreams, his DNA. As elegant and original as always, One. Fx

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Liz Thaugally 11 June 2008

aaahhh, Onelia, you hit it with that first line.... Dust, such an emotive subject to write about, from Dust we are created to dust we return, and in the spaces inbetween we try hard to exist. On a mote of dust You carried me into your universe That appeared insignificant to others But was my entire existence.

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Kesav Easwaran 13 June 2008

Memories even in dust or dusty memories? The un-insisted presence doesn’t haunt that much, I think...mysteriously impressive…*10*

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Roland Bastien 14 June 2008

An unusual topic - well penned - dust as a ghost- fantastic-

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Hans Vr 03 June 2010

I used to hate dust but you managed to give it a whole new perspective. well done!

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 04 January 2010

Hi ONElia, I have read this poem again today and thinking about seventh and 8th sense.

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Janice Windle 23 September 2009

Another beautiful meditation on an everyday thing - you add mystery and atmosphere to all you look at, One. x Jan

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Indira Renganathan 10 August 2009

Too much of dust and dusty room looks haunted only...no wonder you're afraid of a ghost...nice poem

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 30 June 2009

Why do you insist, you are alone? It is proved: Most of the skin - once shed becomes 'house dust'... Very delicate and fine verses, ONElia. A thin line between seen and unseen.......10.

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