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Come Upon A Murder

Come upon a murder, make no mistake no foul play took place here.
Leave your shiny trinkets out, blink an eye they be gone.
Should you die never fear, I'll carry your soul across two worlds.
Our mouths speak no native tongue, yet important news do they spread.
'Kaw kaw, ' said the crows.

Bri Edwards 22 February 2014

it was just recently that i believe i was trying to think of the 'odd' name for a group of crows. at that time i think the word 'mob' came to me. and when i first read this poem, it did NOT dawn on me WHY no foul play had taken place even though there had been a murder. THEN it dawned on me! but the two worlds and no native tongue parts still puzzle me. i guess i'm just not educated enough! ! ! the title caught me, but i was a little disappointed that no real murder had been committed. : ( bri thanks for sharing.

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Noreen Carden 16 February 2014

Brilliant Gary I live the way you say no foul play here Great job love it a murder of crows well done

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