Gary Hembree Poems

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I Wish

I wish I wish upon our kiss, that many more will fall upon my lips.
I wish I wish when you gaze into my eyes, that I get lost in yours.
I wish I wish that we hold onto each other until our life expires.
I wish I wish, that your love was as real as mine.

Tombstones And Ashes

Here I stand on tombstones and ashes.
Watch how the sky lights up, as if it was forth of July.
Side by side with brothers of arms, standing on tombstones and ashes.
We wonder if our savior will come, and if he will be wearing black.

I Love You.

She held me close and tight, 'I love you, ' is what she said.
She held me close and tight, 'Look at me, ' is what she said as tears ran down her face.

Grim's Thoughts.

I've cried tears that turned to oceans.
Since the dawn of man, I have all ways been larking.
I judge not the color of skin, nor age, nor sex.
I rule time, and when it runs out I take it.

The Angel Of Grace.

Here lay's an angel of grace.
Face down asking why her father has turned his face?
The angel of grace, her only sin being beauty.
Here stands a man, full of rage.

I Am

I am human
I wonder about life as it slowly passes.
I hear the sounds of family crying.
I see nothing but black.

Bread And Wine

Drink this wine for it is his blood.
Eat this bread for it is his body.
Cannibalizing in his name.
We think not of any reason.

The Pen.

From The Sky.

You fell from the sky my dove.
A wounded heart left you near death.
Gently hands brought you forth to your feet.
A warm smile and a kiss brought you hope.

Many Faces.

I am many faces.
My age has no boundaries.
I go to many places, live in many homes.
I am a reflection of emotions.