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I Wish

I wish I wish upon our kiss, that many more will fall upon my lips.
I wish I wish when you gaze into my eyes, that I get lost in yours.
I wish I wish that we hold onto each other until our life expires.
I wish I wish, that your love was as real as mine.
I wish I wish, that wishes could come true.
Now smile upon me, as you watch me die inside.

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Noreen Carden 12 February 2014

Gary is a great poet whose spirit and tenderness shines through in his poetry. I hope he graces the ph site with his wonderful poetry for many years to come

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Gary Hembree Quotes

'Ill close my eyes and hope that death doesnt kiss me goodnight.'

'I am but a dream in the eyes of those who are dying.'

'When I die, I want a womans heart that will break when I do.'

'I am the hooded wolf, who will lead my sheep into the void.'

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Gary Hembree Popularity

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