Condition P.S.S Poem by Ellias Anderson Jr.

Condition P.S.S

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Once there was a condition named P.s.s
That comes from the planet earth

The story of pathetic
The same story of the weak

The ending of lust,
A dream, ..the ending of the satanic sorceress

The people in the earth under rain,
Will taste a huge pain

They don't have house to live in
And they lost the faith that helped them to win

We were working on that faith
It was the opposite of hate

Faith and hope to continue
To make a real-life that is new

But they told them hope is dangerous for men
As they said and prayed: God help us, Amen

Tears against the colorful ties
And the honest eyes VS. The lies
The story of people who were invited for the God's feast
And the old story of the Justice's fist

The story of us,
Was a story of so many loss? ! !

That busy life with no ending
And they didn't stop that painful bending

It was on us to make a change
To try new things and not be a sage

And now, we want to continue this life till we die?
Don't we want to break this cage? Why?

World's time is going to end, like a melting ice,
You were right destiny, those hands that hold the dice

So is it all about luck?
Or forgetting the things and walk?

But what is hope?
I think it's about no ending lope

But we offered love
We were the messengers of peace like the doves

Children trusted,
Because they thought this world was dusted
This world is as messy as a galaxy,
Seems beautiful but inner messy

And this is it
When you receive a giant hit

And this comes from hope
Hope that melted like a soap

And the people who lives for nothing,
Like the history of the cruel humans and the fool kings

Like the children with stress,
And like the mind's real mess

This is called the forgotten changing,
When some lives as same as yesterday only for gaining

Liberty, the biggest lie to the entire world

Because the countries who talk about liberty, have took it from other nation…. Have took it from children years ago

While the world was clean, with no killing and no rages and no ego.

And now it's the time to make a change in the world. To talk about truth.

Attention: the first part of tragic poem series (snow &red) is in my page, visit it)

condition P.S.S, means a condition that inside it people shout for Savior. a ghost that is as pure as the drops of rain to refine our world..a big changing...
Hazel Durham 24 September 2013

Powerful message in this hard hitting poem, liberty at what cost to innocent people! Great write!

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Alookh (matin) 18 September 2013

good title well written very effective fave line: Tears against the colorful ties and a powerful point to liberty.... thanx!

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