Commiting Suicide Poem by Alicia Meyers

Commiting Suicide

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Deep inside my inner self,
You make me believe I'm a fat ugly person,
And once you say you're better than me,
I actually believe it.

You laugh and whisper in your friends ear,
You point at me,
And when the day is over,
I cut myself because of what's happening.

I cry myself to sleep at night,
Everyday and I wear a mask,
When I arrive at school,
And I keep quiet because no one needs to know.

As time goes by,
And your words keep hurting me,
I hang myself in my room,
With the rope on the fan on the ceiling.

I cried one last time,
Put the rope around my neck,
Moved the ladder,
And choked to death.

I wanted the pain to go away,
I couldn't sit on my bed every day,
And kept on pretending,
I had to let go.

And the only way I could let go,
Was to commit suicide,
And leave to heaven,
Where I'm loved.

Neetha Sasidharan 08 January 2012

no..nvr..suicide is not a solu... but dis is a gud poem... u hv put d feelings of such guys in it....

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Amber Glistener 06 January 2012

Whatever you do don't do that. Its really deep though and so true. I enjoy your depth and I'm guessing you have a passion for writing. If you really are in such a situation remember, you are beautiful and wonderful and God has a plan for you.

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Alicia Meyers

Alicia Meyers

Greenville, South Carolina
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