Common Sense And Shopping For Books Poem by Alexander Julian

Common Sense And Shopping For Books

You get a new book from the market.
The book has a unique name on the front cover.
The book title is very unique, special, and interesting.
And, then, you open the book and read it.
What do you see?
You see common words.
The common words are not unique.
So, in this case, the "book title" was a lie.
You did think the book was unique.
But, after reading the book, you get very few unique words.
You mostly get common words for the book.
The market keeps selling books like this.
The market keeps selling books with unique names on the covers.
How many words can a writer use to get your interest?
Are book titles "better" than common words?
If so, why can't the common words be just like the book titles?
Think about it!
Would you pay $300 for 300 unique words?
Or, would you pay $1 for 300 unique words?
Be a smart reader.
Pay less money for unique words.
And, please, stop buying so many common words!
You don't need all of those common words!
You can find common words on social media and blogs.
Professional authors need original word count.
If they want to use common words, they can just talk to their family.
Everybody has common words!
That's why these words are common.
Unique words require special interest.
Unique words require "labor" of thought, feeling, and study.
Do not let authors inflate their books with common words.
If you do, authors will use unique book titles to trick you into overspending.
You will pay money for ideas that mean… nothing.
We don't need Earth's common sense.
We have favorites, we like individuals, we like special occasions.
Common sense is usually worthless for authorship.

Sunday, May 8, 2022
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