~ Poetry Is Not Chase Game ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ Poetry Is Not Chase Game ~

Rating: 4.7

Ms. Nivedita. UK

Puny Pawn
Blink and frown.

Kinetic Knight moves angular
Words appear hazy blur.

Rock Rook has linear move
Words trove groove.

Bishop airs sermon diagonal
Words fly away tangential.

Doped consonant King
Ploddingly one move can bring.

My words are not Queen
With myriad bow and swing.

Poetry is not chase game
For me a torture tame.

I wait for that poetic vowel
User-friendly loyal royal
Till then I stay like coil.

In readers oceanic love swell
Sure I’ll find my abode cell.


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Joseph Poewhit 27 November 2009

I think we all look for the adobe cell? ? ? ?

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Carol Gall 05 December 2009

i agree and wonderfully written niv 10

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Shamik Kumar Bose 08 December 2009

Ms. Nivedita - I read this with interest. Your context is well set here, a comparison between a calculative, cold chess game versus the warm, free flowing, imaginative world of Poetry. You have taken a few example, from Chess move, like Rook, Bishop, Knight and shown the geometric pattern in some limited sense it generates, rather follows, yet Chess is a marvellous game. On the other hand, Poetry, you have portrayed as more fluid, unpredictable, grey and non-linear which are absolutely true. I think, you have a style here for representation and telling a basic truth. That, mind like chess cannot produce a poem, a mind like Poet cannot be a good chase player. History supports that. Did you get a world champion in Chess who is also a NL in Poetry or vice versa.

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 10 December 2009

the poem is well constructed/well-presented. UMMM.... I have read 'Why Hack My She' a couple of times before... so i think I will just read other poems of yours.

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John Knight 23 December 2009

Hi NIV - I could not afford to let this one pass without my comment. I am a KNIGHT and a Chess Player and would - with your help and the other PHs aspiire to be a Poet. You are no doubt familiar with the Age of Chivalry and will therefore know that compared with a Knight the King is mere Pawn and the haughty and high bred Queen melts at the touch (sans armour) of her Gallant Knight - so beware. Pawns blink and frown - Rooks are in a groove - Bishops are tangential - Kings only have one move and are therefore emotionally impotent - Knights are KINETIC and can surmount all obstacles - they re articulate and bring sublty of move and eexperience and ingeniy to the end game - they always score. They protect the King but by doing so woo and allure the Queen. Chess like Poetry is not Chase Game it is a subtle gaining of teritory a delyment of strength against weaness esulting finally in CHECK MATE. Chess like Poetry like Love always (to be successful) must have an element of torture especialy in the middle which is prerequisit to the end game. Chess is chisled form MOVES - Poetry is chislled form WORDS - Love is chissled form HEARTACHE in all there is of necessity an element fo torture.V 8 Yu tell us NIV you are waiting your love like a coiled spring for the final move (Loyal Royal - us Knights are famous for that) I am ready to make my next poetical move NIV 'In readers ceanic love swell - sure I'll find my abode cell) - Are you really ready to UNCOIL! ! ! ! ! Love you lots in POETRY - JOHN X X X .

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Lynn Glover 09 June 2010

A very nice poem, now all I have to do is learn how to play chess. See ya, Lynn.

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Pranab K Chakraborty 05 June 2010

Poetry is not chase game For me a torture tame Well-expressed truth on behalf of poets of all ages. The writing has some more value where values are very rarely practised now-a-days. Good poem with honestly pronounced personal realization. Regards, 10+ Apoet

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Dr. V. Chakravorty 21 May 2010

Sorry to read such a comment in an international poetry forum, ‘I'm sorry I don't play chess.’…by some Senior Poet… Let us keep mum where we don’t understand poem … Dr. V PS Young poets may feel disappointed by such comments V

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Sally Plumb Plumb 18 May 2010

I'm sorry I don't play chess.

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Sadiqullah Khan 03 May 2010

These words create a convoluted atmosphere, short of surrealistic idiom, simply because it moves in a matrix, of rapidly changing spatial spaces, some artist might think of dreaming this and the cells might be smaller to accomdate. I do not understand chess any how. Invariably I like the relatioship.

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