Continental Guy Poem by emebet mesfin

Continental Guy

Waited for years for a blend like you to possess
How did I fall within hours of making your acquaintance
Was it your physique which broke down my iron curtain
Not intimidating but protectinglike a cushion
You drew me to you accommodating engaging suggesting
Wild cat in me snuggled up to you designing trusting
You worked your charm when you zeroed on your victim
Didn't mind. Didn't care. I have arrived. Let's roam
Gave up my inhibitions, offered myself on a platter
Is there a need to take time and ponder

We're two of a kind, same compound, Mister blend
Be my accomplice in selling out what I weaved
I wanted you not the company am burdened with
We joined force to take comforting course to soothe
Delivered back up safe and sound to the ground
You both felt the hurt concealed it to save the mood
Mission accomplished I was triumphant
Guilt assuaged. Now let's alight through the night
This time let's aim higher. Stop talking and hire
Means to quench our desire and put out the fire

I did the act mechanically over the years
Believing I was supposed to quietly give service
To owner of the tool who drools like a fool
Hovering over a hole unseeing during rise and fall
Tell me what's the rush let's take it slow and flourish
Look and run over the curves with such lavish
Wouldn't it have been better to learn than burn
What a strain to gain momentum through bruising pain
Suppressing my true nature not to express and depress
The giver. Going through the motions denying emotions

Do not stop me I am not out of control
Let me tell you more why you are special
I settled for eternity to my Ethiopian norm
Fearing to come out of the confining realm
Detaching myself hating rather than involving
Watching the act being done rather than participating
Passively acting submitting not imagining yonder
You came along overwhelmed impenetrable core
Diversified experienced sophisticated guy! Am entangled
Am guileless and so are you. Let's join to be refined

Bad idea? No it isn't. Let's take action
Put down your collection for reflection
Clubbing smoking every weekend doesn't make sense
Boothing laughing dancing picking kicking it just once
Enough already. Take up a long term pursuit
We can heal if we must. I promise it won't hurt
Am clueless about this way but I don't care
The world as you know it has changed for the better
Let's plunge deep and discover
It is the only way to recover

Friday, April 1, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: desire,journey,love
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