Contours Of Silence Poem by Om Chawla

Contours Of Silence

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What is silence? I sat brooding,
how this silence can silent be! ?
Silence without, crowds your mind
with many a shriller sounds.
Silence sans silence, when you find
You with yourself can then bind.
Silence that speaks in whispering tones
Is heard by the heart, when in tune.
Ideas then flood a poet and a thinker
A distressed heart, fortitude then discovers.
A lover's heart-beats with fantasies then rhyme;
without silence you yourself cannot be thine.

When a demure bride blushes on first night,
when a woman attains motherhood, first time's pride,
when an infant in mother's lap sucks at the breast,
oozes happiness silently from faces aglow
Or from their blushing downcast eyes,
you need to feel and listen its resonant melody
Hark and listen,
Thus speaks silence.

When ailing and infirm mother is abandoned,
blessings of grannies, when children are denied,
when lustful infatuations at the conjugation strike,
relations get stained and disillusioned
silently it curses the course of life,
you need to feel and listen the cry for just dispensation.
Hark and listen,
Thus speaks silence.

The misery of a farmer whose crop has failed,
gnawing pain of hungry, starved and unfed,
traumatised girl molested, raped and shied,
shrill are their cries beneath the apparent quiet,
you need only look into their dismayed eyes
to listen to their silent simmering disgust.
Hark and listen,
Thus speaks silence.

You need discern the silent noises,
of deprived and discontented masses,
sulking, deprived and exploited,
gathering storm beneath surface of silence
ignore the voices, at your peril,
whence Marie Antoinette's fate your's shall be.
Learn tolisten the silent war cry.
Hark and listen,
Thus speaks silence.

Thursday, December 26, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: social injustice
The third stanza alludes to the disintegrating joint family system.
Geetha Jayakumar 29 January 2014

Fantastic poem...Beautiful flow of words. Much can be heard in silence whether it be joy or pain or anything. A pin drop silence is often felt just before the heavy blow of wind or storm. Silence speaks a lot. Its a thought provoking poem. Loved reading it.

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Elena Sandu 19 January 2014

I read in silence this great poem, my smiles turned fast into frowns how true you speak, indeed, I also fear for what the future bring. I still hope we can avoid the war, as more and more people today more than before listen to the present unspoken words, the silent voice of our world. Thank you my friend for sharing may you write more and more such beautiful wise and deep poems!

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Valerie Dohren 17 January 2014

There is more to silence than just quietude - it can be full of meaning. Thought-provoking and deep Om.

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Valsa George 31 December 2013

At times silence speaks more eloquent than voice! There are many shades and contours for silence and only a silent mind can delve into the caverns of silence. A very subtle write, philosophic and profound! !

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