Cows On Om Beach Poem by Denis Mair

Cows On Om Beach

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The bellow of an ox on Om Beach
Reminds me of a seaside offering to Poseidon
And surely many odysseys will set forth from here
But no blood will be sacrificed on this strand
The cows like to be among us
They are placid focal points
Moving through the revelry
On a festival that could be any sunny day
While people cavort and splash and gyrate
Or give in to frivolity of sparkling words
The cows range across the beach all day
Taking time to take in impressions
Of waves and voices and streaking forms
They are browsing on the ebb and flow
Of everything that comes and goes
And one part of me is always with them
If I can come back to this beach near Gokarna
I will cut up a fruit salad for human friends
Then put mango skins and melon rinds in a basin
Which I will offer to a soft-eyed cow
We all ruminate our own enjoyments
However many limbs we tread the earth with

Cows On Om Beach
Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: contemplation
I am grateful to Biplab Majee for translating this poem into Bengali. OM BEACH is located near Gokarna, Karnataka State, India. It was given that name because it consists of two crescent beaches, a smaller one adjoining a large one, thus resembling the Sanskrit letter pronounced OM.
Prabhata Kumar Sahoo 06 December 2017

I am surprised, how much the poet is inclined towards cows in Mysore, on beach etc.A real poet.

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Denis Mair 06 December 2017

How could I not feel an inclination toward cows? Being in India made me feel even more inclined toward them. I want to write a series about cows. Cows are an indicator species, like canaries in a coal mine. How we think about cows indicates our attitude toward Mother Earth.

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Laurie Van Der Hart 01 September 2017

I will ruminate on this one while I tread the earth wth my two limbs. A very different, orginal poem, Denis. Really interesting. The title caught my eye because we first saw cows on the beach in another life long ago when we went to the Wild Coast of South Africa. Sometimes they were the only beings on the beach. I kind of liked that. I think I wrote about them in a short story, but no poems. Oh, yeah, did write a poem in that place, but not about cows. It's called A Floral Encounter.'

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