Crying Out

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I should be happy and I’m not,
And I really don’t know why.
I should be happy and I’m not,
I really could sit down and cry.

I could cry for the world,
For the hunger and pain.
I could cry for the wars,
For the bombs and the hate.

I could cry for religion,
The fanatic, the pious.
I could cry for Politics,
And career Politicians.

I could cry for Newspapers,
Got the Press we deserve.
I could cry for the people
Not caring at all.

I should be happy and I’m not,
And I think I do know why.
In this selfish world we live in,
I feel helpless and torn from within.

David Tanguay 23 August 2007

This is why people like us have what they call 'The Blues' that's the story of love. thank you for your comments on my poems David

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Angela Norris 07 May 2007

David, there aren't enough tears in the world my friend. If we all cried together we'd float on a sea of misery, and still nothing would change. I like your poem by the way, that should turn up the corners of your mouth! Keep writing.

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Christina V. 23 April 2007

Somedays its just not possible to feel happy and you have to be ok with that. Chrissy xx

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