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* :)

Rating: 2.8

She gives me the joy of the world..
The world is different with her by myside..
I see all the beauty, and no pain is inflicted..
She gives nearly everything that I need..

Is it possible that I'm falling so deeply in love with her?
Cuz it seems like I am..

She appears in my mind..
The moment I open my eyes..
and when I close them..
I see the future and what it could hold for us inside.

Babe, If your reading,
Heres the truth..
I'm falling so deep in love with you.
Every waking moment..
theres a thought of you in my mind.
& I smile each time..

My friends ask,
Why am I so happy..
I simply say..
Its this girl of mines..

She got the sweetest voice,
A guy can ever listen to..
Personality.. thats bubbly and cute.
She is beautiful from the inside out..
&I love her.. and I doubt anything will ever change that.

Meagan Slack 06 May 2009

You continue to wow me.. every poem i read is more amazing then the last.. keep posting i love your poems.

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Chaotic Life - Curly M. 06 October 2008

its good that you found love again.. hope in the end everything works out

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David Desantis 03 October 2008

16 was when i first fell in love too....let me tell you something...hold onto this..young love/first loves are the best you will ever have...the youth and freshness cannot always be repeated...i'm happy for you and great poem! !

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Allysyn Bryant 25 September 2008

And all she can do is smile. =)

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C T Heart 24 September 2008

Cordially well penned...made my heart dotingly to this piece.10+++.

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