D - Murder In The Cathedral Poem by Gillian.E. Shaw

D - Murder In The Cathedral

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Do you suppose we take it for granted?
Naive, simple in our faith;
that values are still considered
truly important in daily life?

Do principles really matter?
Character and morality too?
Is the difference between good and evil
fundamental to me and you?

When Henri Deux took the crown from Stephen
he fathered the dynasty of Richard and John;
those two ambitious brothers
couldn't fathom right from wrong.

A conflict deviously developed
between English Church and State;
King quarelled with the Archbishop
and rashly began to prate...

Overheard by the ears of Knights-errant
murder most foul their eventual deed;
'cause his majesty forgot to mention
how such a devout soul was deemed.

While Sire loved him as a brother;
firm friendship: false fickle failed...
public penance performed most brutally
at the shrine hence 'The Canterbury Tales'.

Do you suppose we took it for granted?
Naive, simple in our faith;
The Prince had acquired the wisdom
to care for his maiden wife?

For they do well who mourn her
when in answer to their prayers:
A King perform public penance
for the Queen of Hearts most fair.

For the Revd Paul S Williamson who bravely spoke out
about broken tradition within the monarchy.

April 2005

Raynette Eitel 10 June 2005

I like this. You put us right there...and your rhymes are flawless. Raynette

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John Tiong Chunghoo 29 April 2005

good poem... informtive

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