Dance Of War Poem by rico avila

Dance Of War

Rating: 5.0

Our hearts are beating quickly,
our breaths are long and rough.
Sweat in our eyes blinds us,
as we continue to huff and puff.
We move ever more closer,
with coordinated flanks.
This dance of ours is personal,
there is no need for tanks.
I dash forward so quickly,
and dive behind a tree.
You do the same, instinctly,
as if you were me.
this dance of ours is intricate,
we know our every step.
where are you going to dash to next?
I'll try and keep in step.
I raise my weapon to my face,
and pull the trigger first.
Just as quick, you raise and squeeze,
as we exchange our three round bursts.
I felt the bullets pass near my ear,
as the shockwave made it ring.
I'm sure at your position,
you heard my bullets sing.
A few more graceful dashes,
and a few more bullets sing.
Then we're out of ammo,
and our weapons we unsling.
Together we move within arms reach,
we prepare for the main event.
we lock arms and grab each other,
the dance is almost at its end.
We step lively back and forth,
with in our deadly embrace.
Just in time I reach my knife,
and ram it in your face.
I lucked out and swung it right,
and sunk it in your eye.
I would rather not have killed you,
but better you than I.
Our dance will always haunt me,
we danced a deadly pace.
Every night I wake up screaming,
every night I see your face

. . 14 January 2009

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! Such a nice rhythm to it and perfect comparison to a 'dance' to the death. Wonderful imagery and all over really great piece.

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Fiona Davidson 16 January 2009

Excellent good strong write here..captures 'the dance ' so wellin colourful images....thanks for sharing this with us...Fi

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great peace, the words too, dance. check out Ivor Hogg's poetry, his style too is flawless

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Ana Guerrero 12 March 2009

Oh wow I love this one! I havent read all of yours but I'm thinking this is the best by far. I'm reading them in order so we'll see.

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Yelena M. 15 August 2009

you paint a very realistic picture with an almost epic feel..rare to meet fine modern poems on war and emotions it bears..thanks for sharing. A.

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anne adam 01 April 2009

this poem rocks i love it <3 keep gonig on

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Rosalita Fernandez 15 March 2009

Wow, beautifully written

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Rosalita Fernandez 15 March 2009

Wow, beautifully written

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*Innocent Angel* 12 March 2009

I love this one..I give it a was really long for me lol: P..but maybe thats cuz I am not a person how likes to read...

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