Dark Wings Poem by Darkangel Flyfree

Dark Wings

Rating: 5.0

Wings bright as white
With an angelic smile
That could light up a whole room
A heart so full of love
Never thought it could come to this
But the clouds came
And took all that away
Turned her world upside down
Brought fourth a dreadful spell
Wings no longer white
Now wings black as night
With a heart cold as ice
Face so gloomy, fearless of death
Fears no evil, careless of life
Now she walks in the dark
Fighting her own demons
Battles no man will embark on
These dark wings are her only protection
No one will fight along side her
Cause she's doomed for eternity
Doomed to walk this earth alone
With Dark Wings behind her.

Dougie Fresh 26 September 2012

Really Really Dark, but Really really GOOD!

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Asif Andalib 27 September 2012

Those who turned her bright white wings into dark ones should be punished. Beautiful imagery.

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Thoughts Of A Poet 28 September 2012

wow could i use the words that are in this poem, and this is a very good poem i love the wording in the poem it's so good i like it really i do

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(De Va) 29 October 2012

The imagery is heart rendering, you take your reader on a journey from innocence into decadence, the loss of love and happiness...great write..

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Xelam Kan™ 23 October 2012

you hav a gift to encart images plz read my poems if honor lost paradise the bridal of the sky

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Black On Black Arts 02 October 2012

everytime i read your work im more and more impressed you are a very gifted writer continue to fly free dark angel

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Kelly Seale 30 September 2012

Your words bring the darkness up close and personal... yet, there is light behind the blackness in your eyes... I feel your heartbreak... I taste the bitterness that escapes your lips... I know.; -) -Great Ink Darkangel... -Kelly.

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Fredoneth Jonelas 28 September 2012

Really in dark. but the poem brings light. I like it.

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