Date With A Dime.....Everyday Life Poem by saadat tahir

Date With A Dime.....Everyday Life

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Picked me up off a table top
Puny li’l guy with botched up crop

Whistled along to the subway stop
Along the way stomped in a shop

Bought a gum and tossed me out
Now he must be enjoying a pout

Ol seller brushed me down a drawer
As he nervously nosed a flower

Rustle of bills an shoppers around
Shuffling steps and voices abound

Stygian opening an closing clang
Once awhile the door shuts bang

Whiskery accountant fished me out
What ensued was a noisy rout

Count an recount many times over
Tumbling down the cliffs of Dover

Bundled an packed, sealed us off
Looked at us with a parting scoff

Huffed an puffed, the seller to bank
Worn out paunch; in the sofa sank

Blonde at the counter dint care a fig
Engrossed in her ledger an filing rig

Ended in her clutches after awhile,
duly stamped and thrown on a pile.

A month in the vaults sullenly sat.
To mention not the occasional rat

Out on the 1st and thrown in a bag,
road down town a harrowing wag

Gruffs’re called, out to the stands
Given a coupon in calloused hands

Hurried to the counter to get a wad
I got dumped to grubby farm lad

The construction guy bought a rag,
handed me over to the tailing hag.

With worn out mitts she felt me well,
threw in her tote with an awful smell.

Passing the ol bridge caught her boot,
fell down hard; over a knotted root.

Thwack! I an the tote fell in a stream,
muffled by a hurtful; echoing scream.

Slowly drifting for so many days
Soaking wet and soggy ways.

Caught the fancy of a barge-mate’s eye.
Hurriedly fumbling with his unzipped fly.

Poled us out and exuded a grunt,
contented now with his daily hunt.

Passed me on to the levee man,
who promptly went an got a can.

I lay on the counter amid the grime.
A hand inches out for a measly crime.

Gosh! puny li’l guy, botched up crop,
Back in his pocket had to drop.

Frisked his way to seedy ol slum,
pawed a gall as guitars went strum.

Pissed and drunk off to his room
lurched in the door an missed the broom

He flung his coat an went down flop
Fumbled to put me on his table top

Sunrise had me in his eyes line
Woke like others, with my gleaming shine

(April 23,2009)


a lovely long poem..i wonder how you wereable to writeit so well...

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M A 02 August 2009

Very colorful. Reminds me of the 'Autobiography of a coin' essays we had to write in school. They used to be my favorite, cause it was full of possibilities.

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Duh Huh 13 June 2009

This is beautiful, i couldnt stop reading nor did i want to :) What imagination, what creativity, it takes all that and a lot of talent to make the 'life' of a dime so entertaining. Thank you for sharing.

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Lady Grace 09 June 2009

of course, another beautiful poem from the author..every two lines differs from other 2 lines, but one thing in common, beautiful in the eyes of the readers..grace

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Ashraful Musaddeq 24 May 2009

Another loving verse, like it.

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