Two Red Roses Ooze…21st April,2k11 Poem by saadat tahir

Two Red Roses Ooze…21st April,2k11

Rating: 2.4

…done as a sequel to my poem…"spring on crutches"

From fated gashes gurgle streams
Snatch carmine rags from the seams
Where gold peaks, from proud hills
Peppers life in dales, humming mills

A son lies sans cap and open mouth
Softly on grasses that creep from south
Sleeps, stretched, under the blue sky
pale in his green bed where rain drops fly

Gladioli tickle his feet, he sleeps, smiles.
Like a stricken child without the guiles.
Cradle softly nature, for he is cold
Ah! In life, was so warm and bold

No earthly incense shall quiver the nare
Nor mortal cares transgress his lair
He sleeps in the sun, hand on his breast
Calm! Red roses ooze from the side of his chest

Adapted from a famous French poem:
Le dormeur du val
(Arthur Rimbaud)
translated by Oliver Bernard: Arthur Rimbaud, Collected Poems (1962)
http: // poesies/Sleeper.html
Heavily borrowed and helped with… … i know not a word of French!

…done as a sequel to my poem…"spring on crutches"
07 April,2k11.

Indira Babbellapati 29 April 2011

who cares for the original? definitely not i!

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Nadia Wise 02 May 2011

nice poem and very nice from you to mention the original source of the poem. i like really like it, since it the whole poem describes a child lying under the sky but in a magic words.

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Wang Qian 17 August 2011

very beautiful `~~~~~~~` love it! ! ! !

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Rigzin Namgyal 07 January 2012

is was magical..what words..

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Neela Nath Das 06 May 2012

Nice word picture and at the same time the words act as sound.No more words to express my feelings.Speechless!

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Rose Kanana 11 September 2016

Beautiful flow of words-message well delivered Tahir.

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Dora Egan 22 November 2015

The amount of creativity used in this work just let's your imagination grow. Job well done!

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Bharati Nayak 21 May 2015

Poems as this touches the core of heart.

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Valsa George 01 August 2014

The pathetic plight of this child has left me crestfallen! Can any mother dare to look upon a sight so moving! I have read both the poems... Spring on crutches! As a doctor I am sure you will be coming across such sad spectacles every day.... Now when man's thoughtless pugnacity takes away the lives of many spring blooms, where has human conscience fled? So compelling a read! Top marks!

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Yasmin Khan 03 May 2013

Far from the mortal care and fever of the world, basking in the bosom of nature in the world of his own lies the man. I wish I'd experience all that bliss of oozing out roses from the chest. It's a lovely read.

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saadat tahir

saadat tahir

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