Daughter Of Nile……1004/10 Poem by saadat tahir

Daughter Of Nile……1004/10

Rating: 2.7

Pair of warmest, shiny, amber eyes.
See through deceit and alluring lies.

Fairest damsel in rank and file.
A gem, a jewel, the daughter of Nile.

Cultured, enigmatic, vivacious smile.
Ready to help and go that mile.

The Nile inside dances and bubbles a song.
Like its water that means no wrong.

Deep springs well inside, twitter the birds.
The depth of heart not given to words.

Her demeanor; brings forth many a sighs.
Knows the darkest spots on MRIs.

For millennia the sphinx, a muted guard!
Patiently waited for bint e Ra'ad.

Glides the corridors and keeps her own.
In the finest tradition to pick no bone.

Skewered aside, chivalrous nouveau-riche,
Sends them packing without a glitch.

Knows her radiology and her place.
Unarmingly detaches from creed or race.

The Arabian Oryx walks the shifting dune.
A hope for the traveler is the desert moon;

that rises by the sea, in Domyat's fold.
Spreading its color in charming gold.

Ya! aiyoun'el Maha wa ghina ‘el bahar.
Aj'ab-nee ghareeb wa ghalafnee bis s'har.

Aariftee wa fahamtee qooaat'el saba.
Mawjooda fi aayee tareek wa qullo rehaa.

Qutulnee ba ayoonukee bedoon'er rehma.
Ishh hina qalm, jaamid...heeya ma fehma.!

(From the few words u spoke to me….
The few looks you sent my way….
And many many times when my eyes followed you….silently….surely…!)


Buraidah- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
April 10,2010
(For a new found friend…. Who thinks every thing is fair in love and war….and thinks nothing of plagiarism… ;) ….)

Yasmin Khan 25 April 2013

It's simply beatific, radiant and warm like 'shiny, amber eyes', depicting pure feelings for a pure soul. A beautiful composition thoroughly impressive!

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Meena Mustafa 29 June 2012

Terrific write :) enjoyed reading it.

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Zeenat Fatima 31 December 2011

Wow! Marvellous poem!

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Ro'ya Abdulaal 18 April 2010

What a masterpiece. I just fell in love with the gorgeous poetic rhyme, the well chosen words, provocative images and your strong and visible tone. Well done Ro'ya

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Rehana Nazli 11 April 2010

Ya! aiyoun’el Maha wa ghina ‘el bahar. Aj’ab-nee ghareeb wa ghalafnee bis s’har. Aariftee wa fahamtee qooaat’el saba. Mawjooda fi aayee tareek wa qullo rehaa. Qutulnee ba ayoonukee bedoon’er rehma. Ishh hina qalm, jaamid...heeya ma fehma.! wow, multilingual...change in climate and culture from Islamabad to Saudia is significantly influential and well projected in your poem Saadat. Beautiful narrative.

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saadat tahir

saadat tahir

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