Daughter's Gone, Daughter's Gone Poem by Joseph Anderson

Daughter's Gone, Daughter's Gone

Rating: 4.5

Daughter's gone, daughter's gone,
Still my memories linger on;
All those moments through the years
Fraught with anguish, doubts and fears.

Yes, she left before her time,
Changing patterns with life's rhyme;
Left our nest, in love, unschooled
And I judged her sadly fooled.

Seventeen's a fright-filled age,
With emotions on rampage;
There she left, forevermore,
Left the welcome of our door.

Now, she's gone and wedded, schooled,
Leaving me completely fooled.
Though she left before her time,
She's in cadence with life's rhyme.

Now, there's glitter in my tears
And I laugh right through my fears;
Still my memories linger on-
Daughter's gone-Daughter's gone.

Patricia Grantham 23 February 2015

A very beautiful write about your daughter. Gone but not forgotten. She has flown from the nest and is soaring high. Lovely.

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Walterrean Salley 11 May 2012

when starting to read this poem, i was concerned because I thought that she was really gone - as in GONE. But at the end, I was quite relieved to find out that she was just gone - to build a life of her own. Daughter taught Father a valuable lesson. I had to laugh. Super job.

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Dwayne Banks 15 April 2012

Thank You...You are amazing and very thoughtless....you write heart-felt...if this makes sense...again thank you

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 16 November 2010

what a luck your daughter have for having a father like you, i know how my husband would feel when our daughter leaves.

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Mike Anderson 23 August 2010

I feel a attachment to this poem.

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