A Mother's Words Poem by Joseph Anderson

A Mother's Words

Rating: 4.9

I remember, still remember
Though she's lately gone ahead;
They still linger, always linger
Precious words my momma said.

Oft, she spoke of patience, virtue,
Peace and joy gained by giving;
She felt love, compassion, kindness
Paved the pathways of our living.

Her words were inspiration
When beset with storms and strife
And her poise and deep contentment,
Became the guideline for my life.

She led me through the darkest
To pursue a better day
And if those paths became too rough,
She would simply kneel and pray.

I'll remember, long remember
Till I take my final bed;
Words of beauty, words of wisdom,
Words my dear, sweet momma said.


Valerie Dohren 15 April 2012

Wonderful poem, enjoyed reading very much. Very well written.

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Smoky Hoss 16 April 2012

Wow. This is deeply good. Very moving.

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Adeline Foster 17 April 2012

Truly a great poem. It conveys your appreciation and yet becomes the underlying feeling of the reader. Adeline

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Juan Olivarez 20 April 2012

Very touching poem, great write.

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Rekha Mandagere 24 April 2012

Deeply touching, very valuable poem of all times!

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Unwritten Soul 16 June 2016

Mother always do and say the best for her kids...and here i witnessing you say the best reply as a son..beautiful way of returning love back from the giver..peace for you two :) :)

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Walterrean Salley 20 January 2016

Mother, one of the greatest words uttered. Where do they get all that wisdom? I'm simply happy that they are as wise as they are. It makes for better mothering. Thanks Joseph for this lovely work. Welcome back.

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Edward Kofi Louis 14 January 2016

Learning from mothers. Nice work.

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Patricia Grantham 23 February 2015

This poem is so beautiful Joseph. My heart was very touched after reading this very thoughtful write. A wonderful mother full of wonder and grace. Very heartwarming.

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Alexander Johnson 23 December 2014

It felt such sorrow reading this. I am glad you have such amazing memories of your mother. I too think of my own mother as you do, only the words you have written express a feeling I could never capture if I wrote such a thing.

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