Dear Daddy Poem by Mrs. Cynosure

Dear Daddy

No matter how old I get you will still be my Daddy.
The first man I ever loved and,
The one always made me smile and laugh,
Even if I was crying.

I love you Daddy.
I miss you so much some times,
I wonder why you had to go so early,
My life had just begun,
Now more then ever I need you,
I am so stressed out.

Graduation is around the corner and,
You won’t be there to hug me,
Then tell me that you knew I’d make it.
You won’t be there to walk me down the aisle,
Giving me away, too the man of my dreams.
You won’t be there to see me get a college degree.
Or even be there to hold you grandchildren when they are born.

There are so many things in my life that you will miss,
So many things that you had the chance,
With Sabrina and Cassie, it’s not fair to Ethan and I.
It’s not fair that you are not here,
Not fair that I had to grow up without a father.

So I ask Why Daddy Why,
Why did you have to leave so soon in my life?
I maybe too young to understand but
I will never be too old or too young to still love you.
Because you are my Daddy and
I will love you until my days end.

Mrs. Cynosure

Mrs. Cynosure

Junction City Oregon
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