Crazy Nights* Poem by Mrs. Cynosure

Crazy Nights*

Rating: 4.9

You just don't relies how greatly I do care
Or maybe you do
I want to tell you things I shouldn't feel or that's what they say
I can bight my tongue
And hold back

The things we both feel
I want to tell you there is someone out there that really does care
I will just tell you that you are the man that makes me
A lost of words
‘Cause I know words will never be enough to give to you
You are the person that I look forward to each day,
The one that makes my day smile again even though my tears
Just to hear your voice makes my worries melt away
Your not just a man in first or second your the man.
The man of my waves and my fire

Will you be the one man to finally tame the restless storm?
Shall I kiss all my crazy immature nights’ goodbye?
Do I have to grow up drastically again?
Will I live and breathe within your eyes?
Like all my hope has desired
My heart flutters and may belong to you but only time will tell

How do I hang something up
When it's all that I know
As I see my crazy nights’ turn gray and disappearing in
The shadows of the last foot steps I take
The person I am stepping towards pulls too hard at times
Makes the brave turn weak
But maybe that’s what I need
Only time will tell

James Jamieson 28 November 2008

I enjoyed reading your poem. You really got your feelings across. Nice job.

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Anjali Sinha 27 November 2008

wow Becca. This one is really beautiful very expressive and honest I luvvvvvvvvv it +10 regards anjali (read mine Thanatos)

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Chocolate Bunny 27 November 2008

Great job. I really enjoyed this one.

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Subham Dutta 27 November 2008

Dear Crystal Midnight It is a very good poem. Please keep writing this type of poem.

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Seema Chowdhury 25 November 2008

lovely poema nd catchy title. hope your wishes come true.

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Narayanan Kutty Pozhath 24 April 2018

Wonderful words. Who will not love to hear these words.

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C. P. Sharma 29 April 2009

Passionate, sincere, expressive and don't know what! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Just loved it. CP

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Lucero Flores 28 March 2009

I really like that one i got it a 10 out of 10

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Brittiany Jones 17 December 2008

good job i realy like this it is pretty

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Sebastine Humaemo 13 December 2008

lovely penned....feelings poured in...thanks for sharing....sebastine...

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