Days Without You Poem by Mrs. Cynosure

Days Without You

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Waking up with tears in my eyes
Knowing I may never see you again
Is like someone is stabbing me in my heart
And twisting the knife until it comes out

I know you don’t think of me
Cause you are not like that
Your too matcher for that
But I can’t to get you off my mind
It’s not fair that you can do it and
Then act like nothing happened at all
I feel like I'm being pulled apart
And you’re just fine
Or do you think of me no
No that’s what I want
And it's my entire fault
That I can’t stop thinking about you

I'm just a tramp
That can’t pass up an opportunity to get some
You are so much better then me
You deserve better then this
Then me
You deserve much more then what I can give you
I'm just a stupid teen that can’t seem to control her hormones
But I will give you all I can give you
Your wish is my command

Hours pass on by like a 300 car train
The days pass on by with out you
Like slugs crossing the road
But as slow and painful the days are with out you
Somehow I make it throw
But if I had it my way
There will not be many more days
I have to suffer with out you
Until I see you once more
But days without you
Are days with out you
And I can’t change that
I have nothing to look forward to
Other then more
And more
Days with out you

Ershad Mazumder 22 October 2008

Love has pains if you cry or weep.Love is rose when you drown yourself in the ocean of silence. Appreciate your composition to express feelings.I love my invisible fiance for many decades.Waiting for a glance.

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Mel Mcdaniel 10 May 2010

you have an amazing talent! you should not degrade yourself for a man! believe me the best guys dont wanna try ta climb ta the top to get ta know the best women!

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Rachel Butler 10 October 2009

Like slugs crossing the road Rachel Ann Butler

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Stephanie Fiddy 27 December 2008

beautiful poem but a little piece of advice, i may be young but i have experienced quiet a bit for my age and you should never degrade yourself for a man. i have many times and all they do is take advantage of you. remember behind every good man is a better woman and i'm sorry your stuck in square one, i have been and currently am right now. Unfortunetly nothing lasts forever and we never seem to realize that especially at this age. Well i wish you the best and remember, we still have many years to come and college to go through(college boys: DD)

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Sierra Love 24 December 2008

I don't know why, but this poem reminds me of someone. I really liked reading it. It is sad, and you tell it in a way that pulls the emotions out of me. Really Intresting.

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Deepti Agarwal 17 December 2008

yes true 'days witout you are days witout you'..simple yet so painfull.. lovely sad gloomy picture u painted here..

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