Another Day* Poem by Mrs. Cynosure

Another Day*

Rating: 5.0

The sun is finally shining, warming my skin,
The horses are poking their heads out of the barn,
The snow has lifted, revealing green grass,
The ground still frozen, ice still on the pond,
Playing with the early morning mountain due, in between my fingers,
Off the leaf of a rose bush.

I pluck a flower out of the cold ground,
The sweet innocents of the little pink thing makes me smile,
Twirling in my fingers ever so gently,
Smelling its aroma,
Such magnificence in a small thing,
The peddles softly brushing against my checks

Sitting on this hard wooden bench,
All bundled up, braving the cold,
Admiring my flower, seeing puppies play, and
The sun that I haven’t seen in weeks, say hello.
Awe how nature can silently sing.
All to the tune of the kitchen mixer’s bellow,
Someone is making cookie doe.

Yep this is a start to just another day,
Another day, in Oregon

Kesav Easwaran 27 December 2008

start of a very good day indeed! poem so fragrant so sweet...and so relishing especially in the kitchen backdrop...good work, Becca...10

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Blue Eyes 27 December 2008

has any one said to u that u r the master of description and imagery?

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Robert Jaffray 26 December 2008

Always another day to view the beautifull and amazing world we live in

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Rinzu Susan Rajan 26 December 2008

wow...nice imagery...instills a sense of beauty in the readers...! ! ! : D

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Heather Hill 25 December 2008

This is another good poem u wrote I love it! ! ! Of course u are a great writer don't ever forget that MERRY CHRISTMAS! ! ! !

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Bursting with beauty. Awakening the senses with a profound gentleness. Well writtin 10/10 for me.

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C.R. Clark 29 December 2008

A lovely write. Sounds like a 'pert near perfect' start to a new day. Well done. Richard

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Stacey Watts 28 December 2008

Oh wow what a beautiful life. Very beautiful piece. Excellent..

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Saint Cynosure 28 December 2008

You have done great here love, it is as if we all set there with you, experiencing everything together...

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Vaibhav Pandey 28 December 2008

very beautiful poem! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! keep up the good work.

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