Death Revolution Poem by AISWARYA T ANISH

Death Revolution

Rating: 4.4

Sun, the life Giver,
Is he a life Giver?
He should be, but how?

As I think, we were a part of him
The Earth, of course
The Planet of life

But at first it was ‘Death Revolution’
As she shaped the Sun,
With hot mind and fire.

Of course, the Sun is older,
Much older, than whom?
Is there an answer?

The Earth too is old
As old as the Death Revolution

I think the Sun,
Chose the Earth, the Third
To run aside.

Slowly, slowly she came to life,
With beautiful greenery all alive

Still the sun,
Not letting down,
Burning himself, he work for all

Not as a thing
But as a guard! !


© Copyright Aiswarya T Anish

Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 26 January 2009

the sun the mother or father to earth.....lovely write.....death or birth revolution

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Chandra Marathe 13 March 2009

Simple words that have a deep meaning, I appreciate that.

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Oluko George 16 March 2009

So talented at a tender age.Continue writing and you will become a star.

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Ravi A 17 April 2009

A talented work at an young age. Keep going. 'Death revolution'- this is not actually correct. From death, no life was ever born. Life was there throughout the universe right from big bang in a diffused state. This is to be properly understood. We can't say that there is no life just because we can't perceive it with our senses. May god bless you

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Allemagne Roßmann 18 April 2009

A very thoughtful and riveted expression on the Sun and its heuristics or hysteria connected to mythological concepts from indianised point of view for a global referendum.A 10 from me of course.

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Pandian Angelina 11 July 2009

Dear Aiswarya, It is a wonderful poem, this was the age when I also discovered my talent to write but I truly started writing only after some many years. Observation, dedication, gaining vocabulary right from this early age will give you a head start in the world of poets where all are equal. You have the encouragement, suggestions and guidance which was not available to us then because of the advantages and platform you have here at PH. Read a few of Robert Del Real's poem he is also a boy of 13 years only but he also talks of issues which affect children his age in the setup of his country, through his eyes. I am a friend of Premji's and it was he who has recommended you to me, I thank him. Angel

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Bravo! Another brillaintly creative poem by my dear talented poet Niece Aisu; Indeed, the Sun's revolution is the action by a heavenly body going round in an orbit The Earth cooling while the Sun's energy has created a garden of Life upon its crust. Death is the miraculous recycling that is ever replenishing.(I quote the wisdom on a dipping tea tab of 'Yogi Tea') 'When you know that all is light, you are enlightened' May you write, share and reflect upon all of life, Humanity especially, with your youthful gift for profundity. Just as you've chosen me as your 'Uncle' mentor, So you will also surely be and Aunt and Mother for listening Hearts and curious Youth, ever searching for answers. Encore w' imagination Your very proud Uncle, ... louie

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Ricardo Phillips 28 May 2009

its almost imposable to think that someone of such a young age can think so deep, but hey! imposable is nothing and if you have the talent...what else can I say hey? your poem is gaurded by sun of all.

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Surya . 12 May 2009

like mother some one has to take care.lovely poem.posted 10 for u surya

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Sr L 19 April 2009

Wow, i like your poem. So skilled with your words at such a young age. I encourage you to continue.

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