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Eye (I) Monster

Rating: 4.4

Last night, I saw a monster.
First it was just a shadow
By degrees it became clearer and clearer
Finally it stood out
Clear as clear can be.

Handless it was, really handless
With a shock I knew
That it was legless too
Yet, it was standing straighter than straight

In lieu of a head, all it had
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C. P. Sharma 29 April 2009

So long as i and u r there Life can't be a fair affair. CP

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Sasidharan Vellat Menon 28 February 2009

your dream expressed in a beautiful way.

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Winnie Angel 19 February 2009

..beautiful lines T.Anish ....nice imagination in ur dream.....

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Irene Clark-hogg 14 February 2009

Yes, our dreams can be wonderful inspiration for our writing. A delightful piece of fantasy. Irene

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Tom Golding 26 January 2009

Yes, dreams can be scarey. Writing it down and sharing is a fine way to cope.

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Thomas Koovalloor 14 September 2018

Even though it was written in your childhood, now there is meaning in it, and it is real, and now you are a Poet, a Writer, a Journalist, and a Public Speaker. You proved that you are really a Multi- talented personality. Congratulations Aiswarya. I was watching you, and now You are real.

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Rajaram Ramachandran 19 August 2009

It took me by suspense till the end, when at last I found it was a dream. Thank God.

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Seema Chowdhury 13 July 2009

very nice and sweet. continue to write. read some of my poems too.

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Pandian Angelina 11 July 2009

WOW! To be inspired by the shape of an alphabet, a symbol of ego, when most of us would have been at play. Indeed a treasure, your poem shows your potential and talent. Express your thought and emotions as poems and polish them at leisure into brilliant pieces of poetry. I love this work totally. Angel

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premji premji 27 June 2009

aishu, kill those monsters with the spear of poetry................

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