Written In Native Soil Poem by AISWARYA T ANISH

Written In Native Soil

Rating: 4.6

Which is your favorite place on Earth? Hears mine........

The sun promised a charming dawn every dusk,
And went off for a nap in his husk
And lilies never forget to bloom,
Driving away numerous gloom
I see my hometown, standing proudly
Shielded by the sea and the lake, so lovely
Words deny painting her beauty
Paints are scanty to colour her liveliness
God’s own hand sewn stunning dress
Calmness prevails, peace rules
Striking tiaras, green hues

Breezes fan her, beauty shines
Waters wash her, sunshine dries,
When I breathe in the salty air,
I hear the winds chant hymns, everyone care
The sun kisses the sea, the moon’s seen
A synonym of Juno’s mien…
Lying on a glowing bed, an infinite sea
Stars keep company, an urge to live free

I bike down the road,
It takes me on its own accord.
The winds tickling my face, the waves coil
I lay down on the shiny black soil
Waves splashing on my feet, sun on my face
Time forgets to keep its pace
Good natured people, with hearts of gold,
I see them do their afternoon chores

If ever, the big boys in heaven,
Send a shooting star, across the skies,
What I’d wish is to
Keep my hometown the way she is
This is where my heart lies

16th April 2009

© Copyright Aiswarya T Anish, Kerala, India

Edward Kofi Louis 01 July 2009

Well done Aiswarya. You really have more life ahead and, you will be very great. Thank you. Edward Kofi Louis.

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Harish K. Thakur 01 July 2009

Good piece, boys shooting stars... strong imagination....carry on Tanish, u have bright future ahead...

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Jerry Hughes 03 July 2009

Well done Aiswarya, nicely written piece. Best, Jerry

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wow simply amazing.. at your age you have really created a well crafted poem..keep writing..thanks best regads, jdh

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Catrina Heart 07 July 2009

AMAZING poem written Ms. Anish you are so talented to make a lengthy poem like this...10+++

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Beauty Philosophy 17 September 2009

A nice poem with beautiful images and a nice flow...keep your pen busy...Voted.

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Ken E Hall 14 September 2009

your point of view sits on top of a mountain Aiswarya very well done+++10 regards

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Kimberly Kastner 14 September 2009

I agree, this is truly a wonderful poem. I could tell how much you love your hometown. : -)

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Kassem Oude 13 September 2009

Hi Aiswarya. your poem is so beautiful. Your hometown is a part of paradise but on earth, you made me dream of visiting your soil. At 12 you're a big poet, keep writing you will have a glowing future. My fatherly kiss to you. 10.

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Aiswarya, I can see you are a natural born writer and your work has many beautiful images to enjoy and it is written a lovely flow. Home is a haven for the heart and this is an excellent subject to write about. Well done! 10 love Karin

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