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Depression - Poem by Jason Cozart

By Jason L Cozart

“One day Mr. Depression hit me up on MySpace and he’s been on my top friends every since! ”

This is a letter to anyone that will listen.
When you get done can you please pass it on to God!

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One day a stranger came knocking on my door.
Being very feeble minded I opened the door.
His name was Mr. Depression and he wanted to be my friend.
So we became friends, best friends.
Cruelly Mr. Depression had some nefarious plans for our friendship.
He led me down a dark, desolate, and formidable path.
There were no options, there was no escape!
No one heard my cries!
I wailed to God, but he didn’t hear me.
I cried to God, “Have Mercy on Me! ”
But God didn’t respond!
Little did I know my soul was already on the express lane, half way to Hell.
Mr. Depression was a friend, maybe just like yours!
We hung out all time. We went to the movies, dinner, shopping, the clubs, and we were drinking buddies.
One day Mr. Depression gave me a mask. He was very passionate about me wearing this mask.
But I was hesitant, because this mask was heavy, dark, and rays of evilness streaked off it.
But Mr. Depression lied to me. He told me if I wore this mask then everything I hoped for would finally come true, including love, money, and a new car.
He said my dad would love me once more!
He said my mother would be alive and well!
He said I would no longer have to be ashamed around family because I am a gay man.
As you can imagine none of the above came true.
Instead as soon as I put on the mask, the suffocating realms of Hell enveloped me.
My whole world turned black, I no longer lived in your world.
I no longer see what you see
Hear what you hear
Taste what you taste
Or feel what you feel.
In the world of Depression the Sun never shines. It is dark all the time, but yet ironically you never sleep.
Everybody has the same job. The job to be depressed! This position doesn’t pay well cause see the payment is always Death!
It is a lonely world; I am never allowed to invite friends or family from your world. Mr. Depression only likes to drink, do drugs, and this game he calls suicide. He played this game with me, and luckily I prevailed!
Well I have a secret!
Don’t tell anyone especially Mr. Depression!
I was on my way to the Depression bookstore and I found this book throwed in the Trash.
This book was called the Holy Bible!
I unraveled in its great power and there it told me of a road that led out of this world, and into the world of Salvation!
So, I’m going to make a run for it tonight!
I only hope that once I reach the end of this road someone will conceive my cries!
I only hope that God will hear me this time and take this iniquitous mask off of me and destroy it for good!
If I don’t make, I will evidently regret it.
Cause see me and Mr. Depression is engaged, engaged to be married! !

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  • (12/29/2012 2:35:00 PM)

    I am you, you are me. We could be the same. See, I have battled depression all my life-my mother committed suicide when I was very young. Unfortunately, it is a very common occurrence. I'm sorry you have to suffer from depression also. Please be sure to see a doctor-there are many miracle meds around that can help us all feel better. I really believe that it is caused by a chemical imbalance in many cases. It used to be my darkest secret-but now I will talk about it as I want people to know they are not alone. I too have prevailed against this demon with meds, stubbornness just taking care of myself. We can't allow ourselves to pay the ultimate price of this demon-we need to fight it or depression will win. We have too much to offer the world to let this happen! Be brave and fight the good fight. Peace (Report) Reply

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  • (9/19/2009 2:56:00 PM)

    wow this is really good. I like it alot. Good job. (Report) Reply

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