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Perfect Lie/ You Are Loved The Way You Are

Rating: 4.6

Stand in front of the mirror
Either boys or girls, some got depression
Try to find yourself underneath the reflection
Dissect each point, seek for perfection
Dreaming of perfection, adore some corrections

Never know the word of satisfy
Already beautiful but admire to modify
Don't you know who really you are?
You are loved by the way you are

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Amitava Sur 22 March 2015

A wonderful poem in knowing self and improving self, feeling happy and to be liberated.Don't get diverged being allured by external beckoning.... very nice You may read my poem ENJOY BEING COMPLETE YOU.

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Rekha Mandagere 15 October 2014

Believe in truth and that will lead you to achieve perfection! Why should we live under the shelter of lies, no doubt which will fall someday. Nice theme. Beautiful write.

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Neela Nath Das 14 August 2014

Soul, loved reading this beautiful poem.Some expressions are to be remembered for ever. Yet thou be like a rose, beauty guarded by thorns is one of them.10 is not enough.

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Gholamreza Zarban 26 March 2016

Stand in front of the mirror! Right. That's what most of us need to do sometimes. Thanks...

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Unwritten Soul 27 March 2016

Merci, Loving ourselves is more reflective and mutual than loving others that not really appreciative. I always think that no one is better than another, because it is unfair to compare different qualities created by God :)

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Anjandev Roy 08 March 2020

Excellent piece, as usual. anjandev roy.

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Mahtab Bangalee 04 March 2020

really a good poem and didactic note

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Mahtab Bangalee 04 March 2020

the theme there is hidden the true self when I seek myself before the mirror oh broken all into pieces the reality cause of mixture the unstable mind where fictitious love for the world lost in the will-o-the wisp so no the bleakly wandering the inside is beautiful more than the thinking find out its true whatever they say yeah either wrong or right

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Castellenas John 12 March 2019

Powerful and wonderful words shared. Great thoughts and wisdom shared.

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Dev Anand 07 August 2018

if u are blessed as jasmine flower Why must you envy of that sunflower I know, it is big, sweet yellow, catchy for eyes to look But, don't you know sunflower adore the way you look? Hypnotize fragrance by cute in white, posses its own hook So unfair to compare the different beauty you both look.....very beautiful and very very poetic. thank u dear poetess. dev

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