Disconnected: For T Poem by Cretan Maineiac

Disconnected: For T

No reaching out
no touching

No more punching out the numbers
that once rung you

No more wireless command
that all last summer brung you

I hope you're doing fine
reaching out, in theory

My eyes no help to you
whether peering bright or squinting teary

Like 1999 again
wondering's the best i can do,

ride the hours 'till earned free time
red-eyed, the better to see you.

~October 7,2006

Scarlett Treat 10 July 2007

I am with Dee on this one...tantalizing tidbits, leading me on...and on! Yet leaving me wondering..what is the story behind the story? Care to tell All? ? ?

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Dee Daffodil 01 June 2007

Like 1999, wondering's the best I can do... Speaks volumes. You have an awesome way of luring the reader in with tidbits of a story, all the while, keeping secrets! Terrific writing! Hugs, Dee

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Jeanette Krantz 01 May 2007

i love the last lines....

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Michael Fischer 10 April 2007

This is a very touching poem Chris. I can tell this person meant a lot to you. There are some very memorable lines here; 'wondering's the best i can do' is prehaps the most memorable. Overall this is a very good poem. Nice work. -Michael

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