Do You Believe Me? * Poem by Mrs. Cynosure

Do You Believe Me? *

Rating: 4.7

I drank a little too much,
The rum has a strong punch,
I don’t understand why,
Didn’t you say stop?
You knew I couldn’t see clearly,
With my foggy eyes.

I was so drunk I felt like I couldn’t move!
Tears poured out of my eyes,
I just wanted to go home!
There are guys all over,
Why did I put myself in this position?
I promised I’d be different!

I stumbled to the bed,
Talking to my brother on my cell phone,
Crying uncontrollably pleading him to help me,
But through the drunken fear filled speech and tears,
He doesn’t think anything’s really wrong,
I’m just too drunk, and scared to have a seizer and to die.
Hanging up the phone my heart sank.
Puking once more into the little garbage can.

Still laying there not knowing,
The guys have come in and she has locked the door,
They surround the bed with, their belts being to be undone,
One holds me down, while the other one has his way,
I am screaming for the girl, who I once called friend,
I try to fight, but I am too drunk.
They switch, it was all the first guys’ idea,
Then a third guy had his way,
Tearing me up more inside.
After that I past out,
So, I don’t know how many,
Had their fun with me.
I woke up scared and alone,
With one less friend.
And no where to call home.

But the worst thing about this is,
The one I called friend was right there,
THE WHOLE TIME and did nothing to stop it! ! !
Then when I tried to tell someone they didn’t believe me! ! !
My other friends, my mother, step father, THE COPS no one,
Even though these nightmares that won’t end,
To let my dreams begin!
They still don’t believe me!
Please tell me you believe.

Melissa Ramey 06 June 2009

Very intense....But very true. People oh so ignorant do this stuff every day Why cant there just be men and women in one room without anything happening. Im very honored that you'd read my poems! ! Your a very good poet and if so you may be a professional poet one day. -Melissa

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Sierra Love 09 January 2009

Wow, I really love this poem. I can't say I know how you feel, because truefully I don't. I can say I understand where you are coming from though. Something like this happened to me...only it was an older cousin who I had been really close with and trusted alot when I was younger. I really can feel the emotion in your words. I do believe you.

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Stacey Watts 01 January 2009

You know I am not sure what to say. It is so heart wrenching and I do believe you. I am just hoping you will e-mail me and say no Stacey it was just creative writing or a story. Some how I am not sure you will. You are very brave. There is stuff in my life my own mother does not believe happened. I know where you are coming from. I am giving you a 10.

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Chris Newlash 01 January 2009

Of course i do... very powerful poem, i'm glad you wrote it.

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