(it’s Not) To Everyone Under 18 Poem by Mrs. Cynosure

(it’s Not) To Everyone Under 18

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“You’re doing it wrong! ”
“You can’t do anything right! ”
Echo’s through your ears once more.
Coming with is tears that try to exit your eyes.
But some how are held back.
And the punch in the face,
You weren’t expecting you didn’t think,
You had to defend yourself against,
The people who brought you up all these 10 years!

A rumor goes around the 7th grade.
A month or two before your 12th Birth day.
But your friends kept it from you,
Because they know it’s not true.
So unaware you walk in that familiar door alone,
Except for one other,
Everyone outside working,
Big log truck is unloading,
So everyone is unable to hear your screams of fear
Thinking this time she might not stop and death might be near.
Painful screams from objects hitting you tiny body.
With such a hard force it breaks skin.
No one hears you all they see is “you falling down the stairs! ”
Someone comes to your aid but doesn’t know.
No one will ever know that was there that day.

You’re nearly grown 17 years old.
Less then a month till your 18th Birth day.
The punishments have gotten worse but,
Not as often over the years.
12 years their fist against your skin.
But nothing prepared you for the one about to be laid upon you.
The force.. the length..
Yes you did wrong, yes you needed discipline,
But to that extent?
It was almost too much for your 140lb body to take.
It sent you to the hospital but of course,
You crashed your quad.

All these years, all 12 of them you,
Hide it inside, only you and your siblings knew.
Thought it was just something that happened.
And it was O.K.
Thinking every parent does it.

But its not! ! ! It’s not O.K.! ! !
Parents should never hit their kids! !
It’s wrong and against the law! ! !
Not to mention the lasting effects it has on the person.

If you know someone that is under 18 and their parents are hurting them talk to them. You would be amazed of just someone to talk to does for them. May 24,2009

Ramesh Rai 21 December 2013

A thoughtful write. certainly deserving.

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Rahul Rajawat 27 August 2009

here us poem my heart could whistle at lonely night, reading this i can recall all what i have lived, as i m 18yrs

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Aijaz Asif 12 August 2009

bravo, bravo.....a marvelous and very moving piece...and i can see myself in this beautiful write of yours.....added to my most favs. many, many 10'sssssssssss rgds asif

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i thnak oyu for writng this, as many of my young freinds on here, experience such.

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Janell Cressman 24 May 2009

I give you points for righting that! ! !

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