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Dollie And Jack Of The Cut

Rating: 2.8

Dollie, petite, slim and with hair that flows blondely
And wildly, in a kind of disorderly fashion
About her small shoulders.
A smile to welcome and calm even a bulldog.
And eyes of subtle blue, like the old Wedgwood cups
She shares her coffee in.
She carries an aura of peace and tranquility
From head to dainty toes.

Jack, a quietly spoken man, a perfect match
For his lady, Dollie.
Unruly dark hair tied roughly at the back of his head
And a grin that reveals perfectly white teeth
Amongst the many gaps.
His language is colourful and raw
But holds a friendliness and welcome
In every word.

Jack seeks Dollie’s hand
In a loving and natural way,
His grubby fingernails a reflection
Of the hard life he lives.
She, with tiny hands untainted by varnish
Takes soft hold of his.

Two people living side by side in perfect harmony
With each other, and with the Cut.

Bob Blackwell 29 September 2007

Exquisite picture Fran, loved it. Bob

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We love these two through you. Exquisitely penned, Fran. t x

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very artistic description of a poetic you francesca..for sharing this with all of us...

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okeydokey #3 09 January 2008

i have been reading your...'cut' series...i love each and every one...individual rhapsodies torn from the same fabulous tune...i like to think deep...and i think that maybe...there is more to this than it deep thinking is off...what is this 'cut'...or am I thinking too deep...

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Hans Ostrom 11 November 2007

I really like these vivid, deft portraits of people 'of the Cut.' Best, H.

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Totally charming. Such a pleasure. Ez X

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Lynda Robson 01 October 2007

I feel as if I know Dollie and Jack, you could write a television series about these characters, well done, Love Lynda xx

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Alison Cassidy 29 September 2007

A pair of perfect cameos. Looking forward to the next. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxx

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