Dreams Poem by Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton


Rating: 2.9

SURELY I heard a voice-surely my name
Was breathed in tones familiar to my heart!
I listened-and the low wind stealing came,
In darkness and in silence to depart.

Surely I saw a form, a proud bright form,
Standing beside my couch! I raised mine eyes:
'Twas but a dim cloud, herald of a storm,
That floated through the grey and twilight skies.

Surely the brightness of the summer hour
Hath suddenly burst upon the circling gloom!
I dream; 'twas but the perfume of a flower,
Which the breeze wafted through the silent room.

Surely a hand clasped mine with greetings fond!
A name is murmured by my lips with pain;
Woe for that sound-woe for love's broken bond.
I start-I wake-I am alone again!

Anil Kumar Panda 26 January 2018

Nicely composed poem. Loved it.Thanks for sharing.

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Ruta Mohapatra 26 January 2018

Pining so beautifully expressed!

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Ramesh T A 26 January 2018

Wonderful dream poem to read! Dreams are surely like that as said in this beautiful poem!

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Rajnish Manga 26 January 2018

Impeccably beautiful- sweetly rhymed poem with a lovely dream sequence. Thanks.

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Susan Williams 26 January 2018

Sounds like it could have been written today about lost love. Think I will poke around and read a few other of her poems

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 26 January 2018

Dreams well displayed in this lovely poem.

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Haoran T 26 January 2018

Love it!The beauty of dream is well depicted in this fab peom

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Joy S C 26 January 2018

Love it!The beauty of dream is depicted in this fab poem

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Ndina Kamaro Muofhe 26 January 2018

beautiful. i love the rhyme.

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