Dreams Of Love Poem by Indranil Bhaduri

Dreams Of Love

Rating: 4.2

O my dear
Come to my arms as a white angel
In the stream of darkness,
Let me long for you
To be the silver lightning in the cloudy horizon,
Or chirp like the blue bird
Fluttering its wings to live a happy life! .

O my dear
Come to me gazing at the ripples of the river
On a solitary boat sailing,
Bathing on the rays of the dazzling bright sunlight.
Here waits your gallant knight with his shining armour!

O my dear
Take a glance at this bouquet of red roses
And feel the aroma of dreams waiting for you,
Spreading their petals amidst the breeze of love..
Let me touch your soft lips with these tender flowers
And take you to the world of deep erotic romance..

O my dear
Take a look at my soul exclaiming with glee
Sharing my feelings and meeting your dreams,
My heart beats loud making you high
And how I wish then to make you fly
In the blue skies with my soft whispers,
Let my strong arms surround you all over
Holding you tight like a love-filled harness..

Copyright © 2012 Indranil Bhaduri

Ritwika Raha 09 August 2012

Love is the most divine feeling that we humans can harness...and every thing we do play around this flame...and the divinity has been re-expressed once again! ! !

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nice and meaningful poem.

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Patricia Grantham 25 November 2013

Oh my dear Indranil this is so romantic a love poem. You write so passionately. I believe that this poem can melt a block of ice. Ha, ha, ha. Truly a love poem of the greatest caliber.

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Kalpana Shah 03 September 2013

well defined desire for loved one

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Zandile Wardle 16 July 2013

totally love this one...good writing

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Zeenat Fatima 29 December 2012

awesm poem..take a look at my soul... beautiful.. i loved it!

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