Dreams On Fire Poem by Sheeya Hacks

Dreams On Fire

Rating: 5.0

In dreams of fire, my passions would ignite,
but alas, life's grip keeps me tight,
I yearn to soar, to conquer and thrive,
but duty's shackles keep my dreams deprived.

On my tippy toes, I dance in disguise,
serving others with false smiles and lies,
their commands dictate my every move,
my own desires, they swiftly disapprove.

I live to please, to fulfill their needs,
but my own ambitions forever recede,
as I toil and labor, always for others,
I question if this is all my life smothers.

Oh, the irony that I live to serve,
yet the life I crave, I can't preserve,
my dreams, like embers, flicker and fade,
while for everyone else, I am their aid.

Perhaps one day, I'll break free from this role,
unleash the fire burning deep in my soul,
till then, I'll continue this life's charade,
a servant to others but never truly paid.

Thursday, September 7, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: work,life,doctor,health
When I see so many patients, suffering with so many dieseases I feel like..........which I tried to explain in my poem
Sheeya Hacks 09 September 2023

In new format of PH you need to vote for self so that your poems gets noticed, I hate but can't undo.

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Bri Edwards 28 September 2023

Giving YOURSELF 'high marks' to get MORE attention is 'legitimate' I think, but try to NOT ABUSE that option! : )

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M. Asim Nehal 08 September 2023

No doubt, life of a doctor is hectic and busy. Such thoughts of leaving everything and running away will appear and disappear, so is the life and so is it's journey.

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Michael Jack 07 September 2023

We all are servent of fate and our own choices. Good Luck, you are serving mankind for good.

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Bri Edwards 28 September 2023

I just read an online article warning of burnout, , , , or 'WORSE'.....for surgeons. I assume such warnings apply [[ probably to a lesser extent ]] to non-surgeon-doctors & to nurses.

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Bri Edwards 28 September 2023

Well, I assume you receive 'paychecks', unless YOUR work is done as a volunteer! I'm a little 'torn' between giving 4 OR 5 stars. Hmm? I give FIVE. bri : )

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Bri Edwards 28 September 2023

stanza 4: I 'LOVE' this stanza's last 2 lines. And I say you should: 1 - STOP using a comma after EACH LINE! 2 - Be more careful with the placement of any comma you use. : ) It may not be 'easy' for YOU. {or is Bri doing it 'wrong'? }

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Bri Edwards 28 September 2023

DID I TYPE line 12 or line 16 before THIS comment? ? I wanted to type 'line 12'. RE the same line [ 12 ].....I reread it & NOW think you 'should' SIMPLY delete the word 'is'.

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Bri Edwards 28 September 2023

Line 16: 'aid' vs 'aide', ....both are 'good words', but differ some from each other. Which one do YOU feel better with in your poem?

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Bri Edwards 28 September 2023

I SAY: Sheeya, I think you SHOULD rework/revise/edit line 12! ! You do NOT 'HAVE TO' use 'smothers'. You don't have to have a rhyme! ! HAVE TO

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