Bryan On Paternity Leave Poem by Sheeya Hacks

Bryan On Paternity Leave

Rating: 4.9

A man named Bryan once took Paternity Leave,
his intent was to relieve
his wife of the strain,
while he enjoyed his friend's company in vain.

Instead of caring for the little one,
Bryan spent his days playing cards and having fun,
with his friend, they sipped drinks and laughed,
while Bryan's wife did all the hard graft.

Bryan's excuse was 'I'm supporting you',
as he sipped his drink with nonchalance anew,
but his wife grew tired of the scene,
and soon her patience began to wean.

One day she came home and saw,
Bryan and his mate playing cards with no flaw,
drinking merrily and having fun,
while her cries for help went ignored, one by one.

Enough was enough, she could take no more,
so Bryan was banned from playing card games galore,
and sent to change nappies, clean and feed,
whilst his wife had a much-needed, well-earned meed!

So if Paternity Leave is what you seek,
make sure you help your wife and not just sneak,
Off playing cards and sipping drinks,
Or you could end up in trouble, on the brink!

Saturday, June 17, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: humorous,parenting
Meed: a person's deserved share of praise, honour, etc.
Sando Hussam 19 June 2023

I hope it is not Bri or aka Brian Edward. I am not sure how to spend paternity leave before this now now I think I can enjoy it as Holidays (HOLY Days)

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M. Asim Nehal 18 June 2023

Great way to enjoy leave. Nicely written hope it is nothing to do with your personal experience.

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David Wood 17 June 2023

I would have Brian not only changing nappies but scraping and washing nappies

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Bri Edwards 19 June 2023

stanza 4: I don't understand what it means to play cards with no flaw. Well, maybe I DO, but I'd, again, not try TOO HARD for a rhyme, as the poem may suffer for it.

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Bri Edwards 19 June 2023

(cont.) Though you will lose one rhyme, I suggest, as an example of how to express the wife's feeling(s) , using 'and soon her patience began to lessen'

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Bri Edwards 19 June 2023

Sheeya, Though I DID not agree with everything in your poem (the English in places) , I feel the poem's story and your presentation of it deserves at least 4 stars. [and some mead? ] ;) bri

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Bri Edwards 19 June 2023

(cont.) 'George has been on a short leash with his husband ever since he gambled away their life savings at a poker match.' bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 19 June 2023

As an acknowledgement of more acceptance, or at least more a legality and acknowledgement of 'gay marriages', here is a definition from the site: The Free Dictionary: (cont.)

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Bri Edwards 19 June 2023

Yes! ! ! 'On the brink' of a divorce or at least a 'short leash'. 'Short leash': from The Free Dictionary: 'short leash....A phrase that highlights one's lack of independence or autonomy due to being strongly controlled by another.'

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Bri Edwards 19 June 2023

stanza 5: While I think I'd never heard the word 'meed': 'Meed definition, a reward or recompense.', I HAVE HEARD of 'mead': 'Mead, or 'honey wine, ' is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey.' Maybe ''wife' would enjoy a drink? : ) bri

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