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Dying Time

Rating: 4.6
As my life begins to ebb away I feel so all alone,
No one can walk this path for me,
I must make it on my own.
Although I can share the journey it’s through my eyes
You see the wonder that surrounds me now my spirituality.
I wish I could show you all the things I see revealed.
But until our time to leave this earth
some things are kept concealed
I am being shown the way from this life to the next
There’s so much to take in all at once for you,
You’d be perplexed. For you dwell within
the physical it’s where you comprehend
While I float between two worlds of which there is no end.
I understand so well your fear I wish that you could see
That what I see beyond this life… is life eternally.
As my time to leave grows nearer I will try to let you know each step
I’m on along this path before I have to go.
I’m not afraid, as you can see I’ve travelled down the path of what they
Call my “dying time” and seen the aftermath.
I think our “dying time” is our time to prepare ourselves
And those around us for the end that is so near.
It’s a time of readjustments a time of letting go
Somehow life has prepared us somehow these things we know.
My mind now seems to be more concentrated
“There” No longer do I long for life as I knew it here.
I’m ready now to say good-bye and I know how you will grieve
But please have faith…we’ll meet again this you must believe.
I shared my journey with you I’m so glad that you were here
And as we’ve been our whole life through…
Please trust that I’ll be near.
When that day or night comes to you
I will help you comprehend remember you
won’t be alone I will be there till the end.
Roseann Shawiak 10 January 2016
Following this same path, looking forward to living after death, putting all things into perspective, loving family and friends with every ounce of love I possess. Leaving myself in poems to be read after I'm gone, hoping I've made a difference in the life of at least one. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
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Tai Chi Italy 28 January 2008
Such a strong write from a woman travelling along her dying time, it made me cry from start to finish. I think Mary was right, there is a time when we somehow know the time is near. My dearly departed grandmother, used that time to put her house in order, being a mother of eight and a grandmother of many, she made sure to say goodbye to us all. Mary is such a woman as my grandmother, strong and good to the core and I know like my grandmother, she will always be in the hearts of those who loved her and she so loved. A fantastic write Mary, I wish I had known you. Tai
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Al Ramos 28 December 2007
As we tiptoe through our life, each with our own cadence, we will arrive at the same exit. We will cross paths like this one, where we greet each other and express our views. Keep writing and reading. Thanks for your comments to my poems
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Barbara Attaway 23 December 2007
Mary, why have I met you just now? ? ? I should be finishing my Christmas shopping and getting ready to celebrate another birthday tomorrow. But now I sit with tears streaming down and a broken heart wanting to know...why have I met you just now? Barbara
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Rommel Filoteo 17 December 2007
Where would I be if I had not met you? I'll tell you where; I would still be lonely looking for that true special friend to make me smile again. We found each other in the perfect place at the wrong time. I really wish that you were near me, where i can help you in some simple way. However, knowing that you accepting the fact, I will respect it, as you always say you already leave it to the Lord miracles. I'm very proud of you because you posseses a personality which signifies the true character a very strong woman. Remember, we're always here for you dearest friend and so you've got to take good care of yourself. God blesses his miracles to you always!
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Ewigi Liebe 10 December 2007
Looking in the mirror, who do I see? An empty smile, an empty head, an empty heart All of them staring straight through me What are they looking at? What has been caught in sight? I feel faded, translucent, invisible Being ripped apart from the inside out New sensations, shivers down my spine Every inch of my body tingling Anticipation running wild and free Anxiety and ecstasy can be felt inside Thoughts and images circling in my mind Some good, some bad, vivid pictures Vibrant colors all blending with each other Until finally, one color shines through Blood red appearing before of my eyes Glaring at the intense color, a shape begins to form It is not completely visible, give it time, it will be seen A black outline restricts my color from moving I recognize that shape, it is the shape of a heart The empty person is full, but of what I do not know Looking in the mirror, who do I see? I see my face smiling back at me. Sorry to all my friend about this poem...but look behind every words, its not just about me mention here...its not just one person are on this poem....but about the world....nothing to do about me...but about us....how it will be on that time...i will write again the poem...the answer from this!
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Sim Dan 09 December 2007
mary, no mary. no - what on earth are you doing? what are you talking about? no, I've prayed about it - and, i just don't understand - why
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Dr.subhendu Kar 08 December 2007
When that day or night comes to you I will help you comprehend remember you won’t be alone I will be there till the end....................as when we fear the black clouds may flicker the light of love by its blanket, but i don`t believe the view as expressed that seems to be as painful as oozing of blood from the body. when..as journey is eternal yet short lived in the context of somebody`s time and space.never mind dear friend Mary never be befuddled by the reek of black finale as when revered by the bliss yet divine. and latching on to the love redeems the soul from the clouds of fear as ever by the glory of faith when blazed
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CU2urDream Lost 08 December 2007
IN these days find time to love without restriction.Give hope to your friends and they in turn will give hope to the world.Work together to form a more perfect union.Let your brain do the thinking.Do not quote scriptures if you can not perform miracles...Love is continuous, not subject to change. Sad to know, but you got so much strengt and thats made you different person. i wont say I like it, but i wont say I dont either, with this poem can bring others not to be afraird for we still have choses to our lives to do but we must do, before our ends must come.
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Marvin Brato 07 December 2007
Sad truth but comforting to note that in the end it will be a graceful exit. I hope my boss ' Always Be Remembered' had experienced the things you described in this poem. Thank you for sharing. A 10.
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