Early Death Or Meditation Poem by Wojja Fink

Early Death Or Meditation

Rating: 5.0

Should you die before your death
Peace is born on every breath
Beyond the tongue or hiss of lips
Beyond all thought that slowly drips
Without the mind that thinks to move,
The stars and flowers have naught to prove
Love is born in gentle eyes
And knots within the heart unties.

anurag duggal 22 March 2009

Love the poem 10+++ Keep writing............

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Stephen Stirk 22 March 2009

stylish and eloquentwritten. But hey, you already know that Steve

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 24 March 2009

When ego dies before it's body's death..........Peace is born in every breath.......Great Write....10+++

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Sandra Fowler 27 March 2009

Lovely first lines.Your rhymes add music to the form.10.for you. Kind regards, Sandra

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Original Unknown Girl 12 June 2009

Very brautiful. Was meant to say beautiful but will leave that freudian slip...! Is there a touch of brautigan here? Certainly for the beauty that haunts the words and the fab title that drew me in. Love it. HG: -) xx

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 23 May 2009

I do like this Wojja, use of words again show you as a talented, humane and thoughtful writer. Well done

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Subroto Chatterjee 27 April 2009

A choice between an early death and meditation? ? ? Two very different things, but tied down by us mortals...Quite likely, meditation is getting killed to death..! ! Keep meditating, though, Wojja. And ye have the chance to become immortal (well, atleast in the our minds) . Hail, Sir Wojja! Cheers. Subroto

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Muhammad Ali 04 April 2009

A different and appealing work friend 10

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Anjali Sinha 31 March 2009

'Should you die before your death Peace is born on every breath' nice words---good write -10 anjali

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