Electric Poetry Poem by Wojja Fink

Electric Poetry

Rating: 5.0

If I could write a poem
to light the mind of men
I’d sing it from the rooftops
In hills and vales and glen
or maybe down the river
where the tide just ebbs and flows
or out in my back garden
where the apple tree just grows
maybe upstairs on the top deck of a bus
but the tired old bus inspector
might kick up such a fuss
and what about in Parliament
where things are getting dark
I’m sure they’d throw me out
for singing like a lark
If I should write a poem that blows a virtual fuse
I wouldn’t have to worry,
I’d fix it with the muse
for I’m as certain as I could be
but often times I’m wrong,
I don’t know what I’m doing here
and where I do belong.
I never seem to fit the jobs don’t seem to last
I’m like a walking shadow
made up of the past,
all my earthly worries no one seems to care
just you let them go, they’ll fall out with your hair
I could take them to a ‘cologist
but will he satisfy my soul
or is that just a word found upon a scroll?
am I just this body with a mind to make it move?
or am I my opinions without a proof to prove?
or am I all these feelings that circle in my heart?
or just a quiet witness that appears a world apart?
If you have found the answer,
dear reader please send it wrapped in words,
post it in a rain cloud;
and I’ll sing it with the birds.

Vic Hood 08 March 2009

The poem is from the poet and for the poet. Write to please yourself and the rest of the world will like it, or not. If they do, lucky them. If they don't, who cares. It's their problem not yours. If you want to write to please the world, advertizing copy is a good place to start. But it's not Poetry and you are a poet. Vic Hood

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Expressed with electrifying eloquence.

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Christine Kerr 15 March 2009

Nice to see a peom written on just the feeling that your feeling and have it come out so smoothly. Well done Wojja

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Pablo Cruise 21 March 2009

Wojja, Beautiful sentiments! ! Keep singing.

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Original Unknown Girl 29 June 2009

Very lovely poem, lilting tone throughout and a kind of a sing-songy rhythm to it! HG: -) xx

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Shashendra Amalshan 26 May 2009

hey wojja, I m realy begining to enjoy your poems.so coool.. 'If I could write a poem to light the mind of men I’d sing it from the rooftops In hills and vales and glen' well i tell you what each and every one of you poem can light the minds of men...so go and sing now..sing every where...spread your poetic rhythm every where...nice cheers..enjoyed it very much..feels like i wana dance with you lol.. see you soon..i gotta go, my sister is asking for Pc to go to FB, bye

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Delicate Heart 18 May 2009

catchy title, so influential poem as to affect the reader profoundly.

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Subroto Chatterjee 13 April 2009

Oy Wojja, You have the questions....you have the answers...No? See, you asked IF you could write a poem. You just did, didn'ya? And you sung them so beautifully too...Option's yours if you want to sing them to the birds as well. Keep on! Cheers. Subroto

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Sandra Fowler 30 March 2009

This is delightful. A very original mind is at work here.10, of course. Kind regards, Sandra

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