Easter Blossoms Poem by Valsa George

Easter Blossoms

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Far away in ancient Jerusalem
Stood a garden, long, long ago
Home to giant oaks and figs
And plants and shrubs of every kind.

On every season, from time to time
Merrily they would burst into bloom
Filling the air with fragrance sweet
And fuelling hearts with joy and cheer.

Amid the riot of flashing shades
Where Poppies and Pansies held their heads
In a corner, there a single Lily stood,
Sans scent and sans grandeur.

A poor loner never once noticed
Nor skilled to steal the show,
Those, brilliant in shade and shape
With contempt openly quipped

‘It's such a shame
She grows among us
With such pallid shade
And nothing to rave',

‘Lilies are such lazy lot
Giving only seasonal blooms'

Rang aloud their haughty comments
Rashly blurted out and blunt

The poor Lily wilted in shame
Wishing she had never been born.

Late that evening, through the garden
Into the newly dug up grave
A band of people came with lights
Bearing someone cut and scathed.

With blood oozing, drop by drop
From wounds, left by piercing nails
The body, carefully wrapped in linen
Was the body of Jesus - Son of God
The one who bore the sins of the world
And courted the most accursed of deaths.
The body embalmed was laid inside
And sealed with a giant block of stone
Soldiers posted to guard the tomb
And every vigil so prudently kept.

Early by dawn, three days hence
While it was still very dark
From inside the tomb had come
Rumbling sounds and a blinding light.

Flowers 'en masse' blinked their eyes
Beheld a man, gently walking out
The wounds still fresh on his palm
And the linen that swaddled, lying behind.

As they watched this queer sight
In awful amazement, they did see
A host of Lilies, white as snow
Far more beautiful than any of them
Bowing their heads in reverential glee
And singing Hosanna to the Lord of Life.

All the flora in silent shock
Sighted from whence the Lilies came
They sprang unforeseen in those spots
Where drops of blood from his body fell

Then on wards, without fail
April sees the grandeur and grace,
Of snowy lilies - those delicate blooms
Sprouting suddenly from the crust of the Earth
Joggling their heads in whiffing breeze,
And giving delight to all who behold.

Easter Blossoms
Saturday, April 15, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: easter
This is a re post of one of my older poems with slight
modifications! Tomorrow is Easter... the day of resurrected new
life. Wish all my friends on poem hunter the hope and joy of Easter!
Akhtar Jawad 15 April 2017

First of all Happy Easter to Valsa George. I regret, she does not understands Urdu otherwise the following lines she would have enjoyed............. You have thrown flowers and fruits as well to many.......O you the charming owner of the garden, I also deserve something from you. But again I think lines of this great poem are flowers that you have thrown on your all readers, including me. I see its color and I feel its scent.I love Jesus and his message of love.

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Valsa George 16 April 2017

Thank you so much Akhtar ji for your kind and sweet words! I am sorry I don't know Hindi or Urdu... two languages that an Indian should know! Wish you the joy and hope of Easter!

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Nasarudheen Parameswaran 27 April 2017

Beautiful narration stressing that Jesus is wit the neglected and marginalized. You justifies the Bible words of the Christ.

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Valsa George 28 April 2017

Jesus who was born in a manger is of course with the neglected and the marginalized ! Thank you dear poet friend for your thoughtful comment!

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Bhargabi Dei Mahakul 20 April 2017

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead today remains in memory of all of us and we celebrate together this Easter festival across the globe. You have described very well this poem and this gives us complete idea. Unlimited joy we get in this festive session. A nice poem is shared here...10

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Kumarmani Mahakul 30 May 2020

A garden stood with plants like giant oak and fig along with shrubs of very kind far away in ancient Jerusalem. They would burst into bloom filling the air with sweet fragrances. Amidst a body was left by piercing nails and it was the body of Jesus - Son of God. The story of Resurrection of Jesus is well executed with Lily flower. Brilliant work.

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I thoght it would be nice to read this poem around the Easter daysO dear moon! spread the grace of Your healing rays to suffering earth. Let your calm pellucid light heal The disease stricken soul of mankind. Bright like the fresh blosoms of lilies

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Kumarmani Mahakul 14 September 2019

As they watched this sight In awful amazement, they did see A host of Lilies, white as snow Far more beautiful than any of them Bowing their heads in reverential glee And singing Hosanna to the Lord of Life........touching expression with lofty theme. A beautiful poem on Easter has been astutely and incisively delineated. Thanks for sharing with nice graphic.10

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Bri Edwards 11 April 2019

this flower species was featured at my second marriage ceremony. neither the flowers nor marriage lasted. maybe the wedding should have been on Easter Sunday? ? ? bri :) previously commented on....

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 03 April 2019

This magnificent poem also emphasizes that the Lord cares for the lowly and underprivileged. That in God's own time, the poor could rise and God will shower them the.bounty of heaven. So beautifully written and vividly portrayed.

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