Ecstasy For The Unknown. Poem by Vikrant Jog

Ecstasy For The Unknown.

Rating: 5.0

The eyes that I saw,
Which I never saw,
Where the lake of love,
Which is a mere feeling,
A feeling of lone,
A feeling of moan,
It comes first,
And then come thy control,
Nor the divine,
Thy the feeling would,
Left with greased feel,
Feel thou thrust,
Feel thy trust,
Tears yet,
Opus constant in,
'Your eyes have satiated thy thirst,
Your lips made thy lose the senses,
Thou shall be happy a day yet away,
Thy eyes will flood till that sublime...'
Now enter the another world,
The innocent dreams,
Like nothing happened,
Say good night,
Grip your pillow tight,
That's our prejudice,
Welcome my friend,
And take a splash,
Of the same tears,
The varied dear.

Payal Parande 03 March 2013

amazing the flow piece is so beautiful like listening to a bewitching melody...bravo indeed

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Yash Shinde 14 March 2014

i can see before my eyes the person you described...great wrk bro....regards

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Unwritten Soul 05 April 2013

A nice poem, and you write the feeling too inside it_Soul

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Hazel Durham 09 March 2013

Lovely poem with great imagery!

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Sarojini Pattayat 03 March 2013

nice poem.Each word has a picture of feelings and truth. best wishes

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Unwritten Soul 03 March 2013

Such a detail explanation would give readers to see and to find the gorgeous of the one you described, mean you did a good job! ! well done_Soul

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