The Flute Of The Unknown... Poem by Vikrant Jog

The Flute Of The Unknown...

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From the cliff,
Where I live,
Flows a waterfall,
Makes its way,
Through rocks,
Shaking the velvet leaves,
Of those trees,
Of which the branches,
Just touch,
Wetting the green grass,
Away it goes,
And looks,
To go for ever,
Once I managed,
Or I just slipped,
In those waters,
From the fall,
To tributaries,
And then to the river,
I woke up,
On a black round rock,
At night,
Where the stars twinkle,
And moon pours down,
I sat,
On the same rock,
Where I found myself,
I can hear,
A sweet flute,
Near the anonymous waterfall…

Neela Nath Das 08 January 2013

The music which you bore is still working.Great!

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Vikrant Jog 09 January 2013

Sir Thomas, For me it is not literal atleast for me. But I agree that for every reader the interpretation can be different.

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Payal Parande 15 January 2013

good work the flow is good the words are well pinned and meaning are well told so bravo

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Shivani Misra 11 January 2013

The music is in u.. Keep it up.

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Kishor Pathak 10 January 2013

Awesome..As soon as i kicked off with this composition the waterfall and divine nature started rolling in front of my eyes...It seems you read nature very closely..You worth more than what i expected buddy...Keep up the good work...

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Hazel Durham 09 January 2013

So beautiful, serene with nature's music all around showing off it's captivating beauty! ! Excellent write!

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Paul Brookes 09 January 2013

I feel the spirit of the water and the sweetness of nature. Beautifully evokative word painting thanks for sharing.....................: O)

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