Mind In A Mirage Poem by Vikrant Jog

Mind In A Mirage

Rating: 5.0

Every second I crave,
For new substance to play,
Every second a new Avatar,
Intelligence of my subconscious,
An attractive manifestation,
Thousands like Jesus and Buddha,
To save mankind,
Servants of slippery circumstances,
Left unenlightened black souls,
Travelling towards renunciation,
Keeping pride,
Weakening from the inset,
Effort to escape my Karma,
Left in vain to get it right,
Felt like an ascetic,
Away from the world,
Wandering in search,
For what they call, 'Peace',
Idiots, straying for a thing within ourselves...

Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 22 October 2012

a strong word is used in the last line, but peace can't be contained in our hearts only and it can't be found in our mind only with out the help of others, so we have to be peaceful to ourselves and help maintaining the peace of others. Searching is not wrong and no one is an idiot to look for peace outside, from where they can get the inspiration to be peaceful, as peace is not permanent! any way quite interesting your poem!

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Neela Nath Das 21 October 2012

Yes, peace resides in our mind. We have to explore it.Very nice and true thought.

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Unwritten Soul 21 October 2012

Mind is struggling through many vivid images between surreal background and colors, till sometimes we thought its real but if we look deep and understand what it talking and showing, we will master the rules_Soul

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Aung Si 21 October 2012

this is excellently written. this certainly calls us all to a place of being sober as we approach life, well done! !

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Antonio Liao 27 November 2012

'wholly sacred lines touches the essence of peace...your poetry squeezes the tiptoe of our emotion...thank you and God bless

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Hazel Durham 03 November 2012

So true, with wonderful lines, great write!

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Antonio Liao 30 October 2012

just a modernist play of words, very stoning to the heart and it tickle to the mind....so beautiful God bless 10 /10

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Babatunde Aremu 26 October 2012

Straying for a thing within ourselves. That's is full of rethink. Good poem.

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 24 October 2012

Dear Vikrant, this poem is the product of a clever mind. it shows that you can write shark and great works well done.

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