That Melted Ice-Cream... Poem by Vikrant Jog

That Melted Ice-Cream...

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I saw her eyes,
That day,
Drowning in emotions,
I can't forget those days,
When we walked hand in hand,
Those days,
Gloomed in overcast love,
The days,
When we completed each other,
And now,
All is gone,
Did my love felt short?
That day,
We met for the last time,
That ice-cream that we purchased,
Which melted,
Like we did in tears,
Thank You…
I will live with these memories,
You be happy…

Aung Si 29 October 2012

Would you like to create stunning poesy? Even machismo murmurs, 'Sedate Peri! ' Nib will penetrate cells of cute skin. All you need is just call me Darling. You are the poet.So u should try again to win her love with your breathing verses.Right?

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Yash Shinde 29 October 2012

very lovely..........a bit of imagery..............great emotions wonderful flow.......... :)

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Vikrant Jog 29 October 2012

Agree Aung... Now what I can say is work is in progress... Thank You mate

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Antonio Liao 30 October 2012

a wishful pattern of each beloved, like dreaming of something that comes within the heart, a little way of saying...please stay... i love to read it 10/10

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Babatunde Aremu 26 October 2012

Very romantic. You need to do more to maintain love. Good poem and thanks for sharing

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Vijay Sai R 18 December 2012

this poem is so cool as an ice cream

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Hazel Durham 03 November 2012

Beautiful with great imagery, loved this poem!

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Unwritten Soul 02 November 2012

Ah..this write such a simple, straight, easy to bind head, really relax...i like the way you play with your freedom, free in the air with emotions, i truly enjoyed this! ! _Soul

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Neela Nath Das 02 November 2012

Very nice Vikrant.Down to memory lane, the fractions come like this.

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Asif Andalib 02 November 2012

Nice work. I have enjoyed reading it

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