The Song Of Midnight Love... Poem by Vikrant Jog

The Song Of Midnight Love...

Rating: 4.9

I left away that city,
And just walked to this place,
What a midnight of despair,
Walking alone on the beach,
The vast ocean roared in silence,
It extended miles away,
And away are those stars twinkling in dark,
I know you are asleep by now,
But not today,
You are smiling to yourself,
Those rains when we cuddled together,
And got drenched,
You are awake,
Get up,
Open your window,
You see the same moon,
Feel the same breeze,
Now you will wash your face,
To hide,
The running tear,
I know you want to erase me,
And our memories,
And me,
I am left aloof,
Aloof with your written name in the sand,
These waves will wash it though,
And then,
I will be left alone,
Alone in the dark heart...

Aung Si 25 October 2012

I am left aloof, Aloof with your written name in the sand, I appreciate these sort of verses.Well done! ! ! !

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Yash Shinde 25 October 2012

loved the phrases beautifully written..........great imagery. :)

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Shivani Misra 30 October 2012

Wow :) Nice one but its more like a song than a poem but awesomely imagined. Keep sharing!

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Unwritten Soul 25 October 2012

Cold and gray, i love the emotion wash in this poetry...a nice splash from innermost onto a sweet dark write..keep it up_Soul

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Femi Oloidi 07 November 2012

Dis is really nice. Like the title. Kingfemi

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Romeo Della Valle 06 November 2012

A beautifully inked and well crafted write that clearly shows your talent and romantic mode! I love your creativity and your imagination! Mother nature is very inspirational and enhancing! 10+++ Thank you for sharing and keep it up! God Bless You! Romeo-New York City

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Diane Hine 05 November 2012

A wistful, lovely poem................

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Hazel Durham 03 November 2012

This one is brilliant i can see and hear the ocean and your heartbreak so loudly, so beautifully written!

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Neela Nath Das 02 November 2012

Enigmatic and wonderful representation.

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