Elevator Poem by Alicia Meyers


Rating: 3.5

In this small room,
I feel crazy,
Very chlostrophobic,
Going up or down.

Standing by the wall,
Trying to hold on,
Trying not to fall,
And hoping to leave this so called hell.

Very dizzy,
And not going anywhere,
This small space,
Is the only place I see.

I've been stuck in here for a couple weeks,
I believe the electric wire outside,
Is broken,
And just goes up and down.

I'm too weak to crawl out of the space,
And get to the top of the ceiling,
And climb the rope,
Until I find an opening.

I need to get out,
And breathe some air into my lungs,
I want to get out,
And not feel sick inside this room.

As I slowly begin to fall onto the floor,
Going crazy inside my mind,
I believe there is no way out,
Of this elevator.

Soulful Heart 08 February 2012

was it real life experience as it felt so while reading..................nicely put into poetry

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Rajendran Muthiah 09 January 2012

You are chlostrophobic in that small elevator. A new subject. A nd the emotions of the one caught into that small room have found real expression. There is no melancholic end. Still there is hope. a nice poem.

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Hope Anderson 26 December 2011

nice poem i like it thumbs up: +) keep it up

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Alicia Meyers

Alicia Meyers

Greenville, South Carolina
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